These Cheap Last-Minute Christmas Flights Will Give You Holiday Wanderlust

Spending the holidays at home is always special, but have you ever wanted to experience the festivities in another city? If so, you're probably looking for cheap last-minute Christmas flights to fulfill your wintry wanderlust needs. Of course, flying during the holidays isn't always easy on your wallet — especially after spending your savings on presents for friends and family (and yourself). However, it is possible to find cheap flights in time for Christmas if you'd rather spend the holiday anywhere but home.

Luckily, tons of travel sites are accommodating winter explorers and making it easy for people to book flights around Christmastime. Some flights will get you to your destination well before Dec. 25, while others will ensure your holiday stay is short and sweet. Before we get into the deals, keep in mind flights are typically not cheap (unless you find a flash sale, which would probably make your life a lot easier). The deals I'm about to show you might still put a dent in your wallet, which means you might have to budget your gift purchases a little better this year. However, they're still considered "deals," so that's promising.

A few Christmas flight deals listed on provide flights that'll take off before Christmas and return just in time for New Year's Eve. Let's take a look, shall we?

The website is offering round-trip flights from Newark to Toronto for as low as $375.59. The flight takes off on Dec. 22 and returns Dec. 28, which will give you ample time to solidify your NYE plans. If you'd rather spend Christmas in the sun, the site is also offering a round-trip flight from Boston to Miami for $420.40. This flight will depart on Dec. 22 and return on Dec. 27, which is enough time to get the perfect tan that'll glow when you get back to your chilly hometown. If you like gambling (and saved a little bit more travel money), it's also offering a flight from New York City to Las Vegas for $591.99. Like the others, this flight will take off on Dec. 22 and return on Dec. 27.

For travelers who want to experience the Christmas spirit in another city without having to spend the actual holiday somewhere new, there are super cheap flights available. Flights on accommodate travelers taking trips before Christmas, like this $38 flight from Oakland to Merced. The flight departs on Dec. 15 and returns Dec. 17, which serves a short and sweet holiday excursion to visit family and friends.

If you don't live in California and still wish to experience cheap Christmastime flights, have no fear. also provides opportunities for flights during (and after) the holiday in different states. For instance, if you act fast, you might be able to book this $86 flight from New York City to Cincinnati. It departs on Dec. 15 and returns Dec. 26. If you want to take a trip directly after Christmas, check out this cheap flight from Newark to Portland. It departs on Dec. 28 and returns Dec. 30.

If you haven't seen any Christmastime flight deals like you so far, don't fret. Apparently, you still have time to look and book. According to, cheapest flights for a Christmas getaway depart on Dec. 20 and return on Dec. 27 — so start scanning for tickets. Shockingly, traveling on Christmas day will also save you the big bucks. According to the site, Christmas Day air travel will save you an average of $50 per ticket.

So if you're trying to depart on Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for flights departing on Dec. 25. However, if you plan on waking up on Christmas morning in a different city, be sure to book your holiday flight so you won't have to travel on the holiday.

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