Um, Pilot Pete & Charlize Theron Are Aggressively Flirting On Insta

by Candice Jalili
Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Just moments before 2019 officially comes to a close, Charlize Theron and Peter Weber's Instagram exchange is here to leave us with one last truly out-of-left-field tidbit of celeb gossip. It all started on Dec. 29 when the Oscar winning actress decided to publicly shoot her shot with the Bachelor Nation star with an Instagram post. Yes, you read that correctly: a post. She didn't just go for a tried and true DM; she went big and decided to make her thirst for Weber known to the world. In the black-and-white post in question, Theron posed with a sultry closed-mouth smile next to an ad for Weber's season of The Bachelor. In the ad, Weber is offering up a red rose under the caption "Expect Turbulence." OK, now here's where things get really exciting: Theron captioned her post, "Turbulence I like." I know — it is a lot.

So, how does one respond to one of the most famous and critically acclaimed movie stars in the world publicly making a pass at them? Well, Weber decided to take a page out of Theron's book by coming up with a flirty black-and-white post of his own. In his post, which he shared the following day on Dec. 30, Weber posed next to one of Theron's ultra glamorous Dior ads, in which she's serving the camera a majorly fierce look with the words "Dior" and "J'Adore" written across her sparkly gown-clad body.

Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Weber posed by standing next to the ad and pointing an index finger at the image of Theron. He even adopted Theron's closed-mouth sultry smile for the picture. OK, now if you're not already screaming, get this: he epically captioned the picture "Turbulence can be fun." Ah!

Oh, and here's Theron's post for reference:

And here's Weber's response:

While this flirty exchange is truly too much to handle and so much fun to follow, Weber's season of The Bachelor is just around the corner, which means Theron might have some competition for his heart. In fact, the pilot might already be well on his way to tying the knot with someone else. I guess we'll just have to tune into his season to find out what happens.