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Charli & Dixie Clapped Back At People Criticizing Them For Attending Jake Paul's Boxing Match

Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio won't stand for anyone hating. In their latest episode of their 2 Chix podcast, the famous TikTok sisters addressed the backlash they received for attending the April 17 Triller Fight Club boxing match. They were there to crown Jake Paul the winner against the retired MMA fighter Ben Askren. Although the girls were invited, trolls criticized them, saying the two looked out of place at the event. Charli and Dixie D'Amelio's responses to backlash over attending Jake Paul's boxing match are a lot.

The night of the highly-anticipated match, viewers went on Twitter to express their opinions on the sisters' appearance. "I’ve never seen 2 people look more uncomfortable than charli and Dixie damelio holding that belt at the jake Paul fight," one user tweeted. "Not gonna lie charli, Dixie and avani giving the belt to jake Paul was lokey [sic] embarrassing," another wrote.

Dixie addressed the criticism soon afterward on her Instagram Story by telling haters, "I made you so mad, huh?" She also captioned her video, "when there are 11k tweets about you putting a belt on a boxer," which made it seem she didn't care about what critics were saying about her.


Now, in an April 29 episode of Dixie and Charli's 2 Chix podcast, the youngest D'Amelio sister spoke up about the backlash, too. "So people obviously did not like that we were at a boxing match in the first place because we are not boxers or big boxing fans," Charli said. "I think [it's] funny because we were invited to go, and we had a job while we were there, so I feel like it makes sense... It wasn’t like, ‘oh we wanna do this,’ we were asked to do it so we held up the belts and everything."

Although the sisters got a lot of unnecessary hate for their appearance, they said the important thing is they enjoyed themselves at the match. "It was really fun and I wouldn’t go back and change it because people were being mean on social media cause they were going to be mean either way. It didn’t really bother me when they were saying stuff because we were just having so much fun," Charli said.

Listen to the sisters' 2 Chix podcast below.