Charli D'Amerlio's Quotes About Online Bullies Make An Important Point

Charli Says There's 1 Thing Cyberbullies Don't Realize About Influencers

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Charli D'Amelio is under a lot of scrutiny as one of the internet's biggest stars. People are constantly criticizing her TikTok videos, personal relationships, and social media posts. Since she receives thousands of messages every day, haters think she'll never see their awful comments, let alone respond to them, but in reality, D'Amelio sees them all. Charli D'Amerlio's quotes about online bullies show how much pressure she feels from being under the spotlight.

D'Amelio and the rest of her family have shared so much of their lives online. On Aug. 25, they took the next step in their careers by launching a YouTube channel together called "The D'Amelio Family." In order to get to know them more, the family uploaded a lengthy sit-down interview as their first video, during which D'Amelio opened up about the online harassment she gets on a daily basis.

D'Amelio said she receives so many supportive messages from fans, but she can't help but pay attention to the hateful comments more.

"People are saying positive things. People are hyping you up. People are complimenting you, but that's not what your eye goes to. It goes to when people say what's wrong about you and sometimes, it's things you just can't fix and things you can't control," D'Amelio said.


With so many people watching her every move, the star feels pressure to never slip up. "You always have to worry that something from when you were 10 is going to get taken out of context or something you might regret every single day of your life is put on the internet, and you have to relive it," she revealed.

Even though she's apologized for her past mistakes, D'Amelio feels like people "don't care" if she's sorry. "If you have followers, you're not considered a person. You're just a thing that people get to judge and objectify and call names and bully," D'Amelio explained, adding haters don't realize influencers see everything they say about them.

When she calls someone out for their hateful comment, that person tends to backtrack what they said. "I'll say something back, and then it's, 'I never thought you were gonna see it.' They don't expect it to hurt us," D'Amelio said.

Watch the family's interview below.

D'Amelio is so strong to be able to open up about something so personal.