Charli D'Amelio's Birthday Gift For Dixie Cost A Cool $30,000, No Biggie

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio aren't just sisters; They're best friends and frequent collaborators as well. In fact, since rising to fame on TikTok, they've done everything together, including partnering with huge brands, launching a podcast, and joining (and quitting) the Hype House collective. With all their projects and sponsorships, it's no wonder Charli splurged on her sister's birthday present this year. Your jaw will drop when you find out how much Charli spent, because it's a lot. Get this: Charli D'Amelio's gift for Dixie's 19th birthday cost $30,000, and the birthday girl's reaction to her surprise was just as priceless as you would expect.

At the top of Dixie's birthday wish list were the limited edition Christian Dior Nike high-top sneakers. According to entertainment website Dexerto, the shoes were limited to just 8,500 pairs at the time of their release in July, making them difficult to find. As if that wasn't all, Dixie's small shoe size (she's a size six) made the sneakers even harder to track down. Despite all these odds, Charli asked Instagram star Benjamin Kickz to try and find a pair for her sister.

Unfortunately, Kickz ran into a problem right away: the pair wasn't available in the U.S., so he traveled all the way to Paris for them. Eventually, he found the rare sneakers and brought them back to Charli, who was hesitant to open the box. "I’ve never had a pair of shoes like that where I’m nervous about them," Charli told Kickz.


Once Charli finally unboxed the shoes, she couldn't believe how "beautiful" they were and was excited for Dixie to see them, too. However, Charli said because her sister was being so "nosy," she and her family pranked her with fake gifts before doing the big reveal.

First, Dixie thought she got a sports car.


Then, Charli gave Dixie the Christian Dior Nike box, but the shoes she wanted weren't inside.


Finally, Charli gave Dixie her real gift, and she was so happy. See her reaction below.

Maybe this experience will teach Dixie to not spoil her own birthday surprises in the future.