Charli Looks EXACTLY Like Dixie With Her New Brown Hair & It's WILD


Charli and Dixie D'Amelio are two of pop culture's closest siblings, but fans have come to adore them for their individual talents and personality traits. While much of their appeal is the fact they are sister goals, their respective brands are much different, with Charli making her way in the entertainment industry as a dancer, and Dixie rising to fame with her YouTube videos and singing career. Even their personal styles are far from similar, which is why these selfies of Charli D'Amelio looking exactly like Dixie are so wild.

Charli rose to fame in July 2019 after racking up millions of views on her first-ever viral TikTok video: A duet with user @move_with_joy. Ever since then, Charli has not only taken over TikTok, hitting 100 million followers on Sunday, Nov 22, but she's also gone on to star in a Super Bowl commercial, grace magazine covers, make late night show appearances, and much more. Dixie, meanwhile, is currently focusing on her music career after her debut single "Be Happy" was released on June 26.

Amid all of their successes, Charli has toyed with multiple looks, including sporting pink hair, and cutting her long locks into a short bob, while Dixie has maintained her classic long, brown hairstyle. That's why on Sunday, Nov. 29, when Charli snapped a few selfies showing off her latest hairstyle, and it resembled her big sisters' hairdo, people had to do a double take.

"The more time that passes the more the charli looks like dixie," one fan commented. Another wrote: "Wow look like dixie they are twins."

Some fans even called out Charli's slight resemblance to fellow TikTok sensation Addison Rae Easterling. "This is charli and addison combined," one commenter wrote.

It's no doubt that Charli's long, brown hairstyle had people talking, but it's safe to say her fans love her no matter what look she's digging at the moment.