Charli & Lil Huddy Reunited On TikTok & I Don't Know How To Deal

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been less than two months since Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson broke hearts all over the internet when they announced their split after just months of dating. Since then, stans have been on the lookout for any clue that the pair might possibly reconnect, and on Tuesday, June 9, fans were given a glimmer of hope. Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson's TikTok reunion is a lot to take in.

D'Amelio knows fans ship her and Hudson. So much so that when they split, she posted a lengthy message letting her fans know what went down before any rumors could get started.

"Since you guys have watched mine and chase’s relationship from the start, I decided I needed to tell you that we are no longer together," D'Amelio shared on her IG Story on April 13. "It hurts me to say this, but we’ve decided this is what’s best for both of us. We are still close friends and I would not change that for anything! I truly have so much love for Chase and wish nothing but the best for him! It makes me so happy to see all of the great things he has going for him."

So, obviously, when D'Amelio uploaded a TikTok video on June 9 hanging out in a pool with Hudson, their fans were overjoyed. The former couple looked *so cute* as they filmed the video while soaking up the sun.

Courtesy of Charli D'Amelio on Tiktok

"Ykw, i love them together," one fan commented on the video posted to The TikTok Shaderoom Instagram. Another gushed: "They were cute."

Hudson also posted a TikTok video alongside D'Amelio on June 9 with the caption, "Long time no see bruvv."

Courtesy of Chase Hudson on TikTok

It wasn't just Hudson and D'Amelio who hung out on Tuesday, though. TikTokers Tayler Holder, Tony Lopez, Nick Austin, and Kouvr Annon were also at the pool party, so there's a good chance Hudson and D'Amelio's reunion was just as friends.