Charles Melton Is On Bumble & Here's What He's Looking For

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Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is dating virtually these days — even Riverdale stars. Charles Melton is actually on Bumble and very down to get to know his matches over video chats. On Oct. 24, Bumble released a video of Charles on a virtual date with one of his matches, a woman named Lizzie. In an interview with Elite Daily, he opened up about what he looks for on Bumble, what his profile looks like, and his best virtual dating advice.

During their virtual first date, Charles and Lizzie bonded over their adorable dogs, their siblings, her favorite concert, and his history of playing football — pretty standard first date fare. "I really enjoyed myself," Charles tells Elite Daily. "I had a really good time connecting over the virtual Bumble date with someone in a different country, just getting to know them, sharing some things about myself and learning some things about them. It was really refreshing." (He's currently filming Riverdale Season 5 in Vancouver, Canada; using the dating app's Travel Mode, he can match with people all over the world.)

It turns out the date was right up Charles' alley. "I prefer seeing someone virtually over texting, and doing that out of the comfort of my own home is nice," he explains. "I've been dating virtually for a long time."

While you're waiting for Charles' profile to pop up in your queue, here's what to keep an eye out for: "There's a picture of me on top of a mountain," he says. "And you can definitely tell I love my dog, Neya." There's also a line in his profile about the importance of voting. He adds, "You have to be registered to vote. If you're not registered, just keep moving."

In addition to doing your civic duty, you can win him over in two other key ways. "Outdoorsy pictures are nice, and I always look for a nice smile," he says.

If you're new to virtual dating or just plain nervous about it, Charles encourages you to push through those initial butterflies and stay open-minded. "I think it's normal to feel a little awkward and out of place maybe in the beginning, but it's helped me stay connected amid everything going on in the world right now," he says. "It's just like any date. I mean, dating in general is a very nerve-wracking thing, but just be open. Feel everything you're feeling and be open to just connecting with somebody."

While matching with Charles might take a little bit of patience and a whole lot of luck, he also filmed a YouTube video with Bumble in which he answers a Q&A while on a gorgeous hike with Neya. (Come for the shots of him lounging around in a scenic forest, stay for his answers to questions like, "How would your mom describe you?" and "What is one of your deal breakers?" Or maybe stay for the story about him scooping his pup's poop using business cards in a hotel lobby. Or the moment he drinks rain water and calls it "nature's mouth wash." There's so much here.)

Like what you see? You know where to find him.

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