'Cash Cab' Is Returning To TV With Ben Bailey Back In Action

by Dylan Kickham
Discovery Channel

Start brushing up on trivia before you hail your next cab, because Cash Cab is returning to television. The game show on wheels was a beloved part of the 2000s, and now it is coming back with its original host Ben Bailey behind the steering wheel, but on a new network and with some other changes as well. So, what will this new Cash Cab revival look like and when can fans expect to see it? Let's go over all the details about the returning game-show favorite.

Although Cash Cab has always aired on Discovery Channel before now, the new revival will actually be moving to Bravo. The network jump also comes with a shift in focus when it comes to the trivia. Apparently, the questions that Ben Bailey will be asking in the new series will be much more pop culture-focused than in the original series. Of course, the original Cash Cab included its fair share of pop culture questions, but since it was on Discovery Channel, there were much more geography, wildlife, and history questions. With Bravo being much more focused on current television, movies, and celebrities, fans can expect the new trivia questions to follow suit.

Another change to the Cash Cab format is the new show will replace the original's mobil shout-out with a social media shout-out. In the original game show, players could get help on questions through both a street shout-out and a mobile shout-out. The new show is keeping the street shout-out — which allows players to ask random passersby to help with a question — unchanged, but instead of making a phone call for their second shout-out, now players will instead get to post on social media to see if one of their friends can help. The new series announcement also teases an upgraded cab, but there are no further specifics on that.

Probably the most exciting part about this Cash Cab revival is the return of original host/driver Ben Bailey. When Discovery Channel briefly revived Cash Cab in 2017, fans were disappointed to learn that Bailey would not return with the show, having instead been replaced by a revolving door of other comedians. Bailey did drive the cab once again for a short, promotional run of Cash Cab episodes in 2018 which were produced to promote Shark Week. Bailey shared his excitement to return to the show for new episodes in an Instagram post.

Although there are a couple small changes, the Bravo Cash Cab revival sounds like it will pretty much be the exact same show that fans loved in its original run from 2005 to 2012. The new series will once again be set in New York City, and promises that the stakes will be higher than ever this time around. There is no exact premiere date yet, but Cash Cab is slated to premiere this fall on Bravo. Oh, and it will be filming in New York City throughout this summer, so start hailing cabs around the city and you might get lucky.