Cardi B Posted The Cutest Video Of Kulture Dancing To "Clout" At 4 In The Morning

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B and Offset don't post videos of their daughter too often, but when they do, oh boy, is she heckin' adorable. Kulture's mama shared a video of her early in the morning on May 21, and Cardi B's video of Kulture dancing to "Clout" at 4 a.m. is seriously the cutest thing ever. Not only was she cute as hell bopping around in the wee hours of the morning, but she was also bopping to her parents' latest collaboration together. We stan a baby who's aware of her mom and dad's clout.

Cardi posted the adorable video, and then deleted it, but not before fans could repost it to their own accounts. It showed little Kulture, who will be turning 1 in July, wearing a shirt specially made for her that listed the definition of her name and wearing a hat backwards while bouncing along to "Clout." It only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it's clear that 1) this baby has rhythm, 2) she looks exactly like Cardi B, and 3) she really loves this song.

Seriously, this isn't the first time one of Kulture's parents has posted a video of her dancing to the track.

Here's the video Cardi B posted on May 21.

And here's the video Offset posted of little Kulture dancing to "Clout" again while on a private plane.

"BABY KK SAY THEY DO ANYTHING FOR CLOUT DA DA & MA MA," Offset said in his caption. That baby has more clout than me for sure.

Although Cardi deleted the video of Kulture dancing from her account, she did post a video of the little rapper in the making to her Instagram story.

This little bub had her mom up hella early.

Instagram/Cardi B

The video showed Kulture laying on her back with Cardi's hand tapping her chest with a timestamp that said 4:22 a.m. Oof, rough.

"We're going to bed," Cardi said in the video, seemingly trying to convince Kulture to fall back asleep. But Kulture just looked at the camera and was like "Nah," in her baby babble. She knows what she wants, and unfortunately for Cardi B, it's not sleep.

Cardi is loving being a mom. She told E! News in April that having Kulture to come home to is like "a slice of heaven."

"I'm a good mom," she told E! News at the Swisher Sweets Awards in California on April 12. "I'm good at a lot of things. The best job is a mom. I'm really good at being a mom," she said.

"She is so fun, she is cool, like, I love her, she's like my little best friend," the rapper added. "She just makes the gloomiest days like sunshine. I love it. It's a slice of heaven."

Kulture's first birthday is coming up this July 10. Cardi B and Offset, being Cardi B and Offset, will probably throw a huge bash for their little one's first birthday. "Clout" will undoubtedly be on the party playlist.