Cardi B's Response To The Viral Girl Scout Who Remixed "Money" Is Supportive AF

by Hollee Actman Becker
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Girl Scout cookies pretty much sell themselves. I mean, just say the words "Thin Mint" and I immediately start scanning my Facebook feed for promotional posts from savvy troop members so I can score my annual fix. Some of the scouts have gotten pretty creative on social media over the last few years. Take Kiki Paschall, for example. The entrepreneurial 10-year-old shared a 40-second clip of herself performing a pretty dope remix of a hit Cardi B song, and it's already amassed more than 2 million views online! So major. And the best part? Cardi B's reaction to the viral Girl Scout's remix of "Money" is supportive AF.

But first, some sample lyrics, which Paschall reportedly wrote with a little help from her mom, Shania Accius:

Been in this game since 2014/Selling them cookies is my thing/Buy Thin Mints or even S'mores/Please open up when I knock on your door/ Thin Mints are the best/Savannah Smiles delish/Do-si-dos are chocolate bliss/Tagalongs divine/Toffee-tastic blows my mind/Hey, that really rhymes.

Pretty catchy, right?

Meanwhile, after the now-viral clip was shared on Twitter by the Girl Scouts of America on Feb. 2, it was retweeted by none other than Cardi B herself on Feb. 4.

"I want all the cookieshhh," the original "Money" rapper wrote.

Same, Cardi. Same.

Paschall was apparently sleeping when Cardi's tweet came through — it was 11:29 PM, after all — but the little rockstar's mom rolled up on Twitter to let the "Bodak Yellow" singer know how stoked her baby girl was going to be when she woke up and saw what had gone down.

"Thank you for the retweet! This is 'Kiki P's' mom," she wrote. "Kiki is sleeping right now, but when she wakes up it will be like Christmas Day to hear that you responded!"

No doubt!

So how did Accius and Paschall come up with the idea to revamp the Grammy nominee's "Money" rap in the first place? Necessity is the mother of invention, fam!

"Every year, the last day of sales we’re sitting out in front of some supermarket trying to sell our last few boxes," Accius explained in an interview with KTLA. "So this year, we’re like, 'OK let’s try to do something strategically. A lot of people have been doing remakes of the Cardi B 'Money' song and adding their own lyrics to it. So I was like, OK, this is a popular song — this might be the right one for her to try."

Accius wasn't wrong. Because the "Money" clip definitely brought in the, well, money. In fact, the video helped Kiki sell more than 1,000 boxes of cookies — which was actually double her original goal.

"We posted it on Friday, and then we reached the goal the next day," she explained.

Sadly, she's all sold out of cookies now. So if you still want to get your hands on a box (or 100), the Girl Scouts of America recommends heading over to its website to find a local cookie booth.