Cardi B Is Pissed That Someone Has Been Impersonating Her To Scam People For Money

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to protecting her fans, Cardi B is a real mama bear. In a recent Instagram post, Cardi shared an email that someone was using to scam her fans. And she totally called out this scammer to make sure her fans knew exactly what was going on. In the email, the scammer was impersonating Cardi and asking fans to donate money for autism research. Luckily, a fan who was contacted by the scammer sent the email to Cardi and Cardi was able to warn other fans. Cardi B’s reaction to someone impersonating her for money shows how deeply protective she is of her fans!

In a Feb. 4 Instagram post, Cardi shared a screenshot from the email scam. In the email, the person impersonating Cardi thanks fans for their “love and support.” Overall, the email is ridden with spelling errors and is clearly not professionally written as one would expect if Cardi and her team were truly behind such a mission. The email also asks for $30 million in total. Yikes!

“Thanks @iamdeadeye59 for putting me on !” Cardi wrote in the caption of her post. “THIS SH*T IS FAKE ! FAKE DONATION SH*T! Ya wild disgusting taking advantage of real kind people who wanna make a change but ya scamming! If it don’t come from my mouth don’t believe it !😤😤😤😤😤😤”

Not only was Cardi upset by this fake email, but fans were up in arms as well. A few fans whose children actually have autism were upset by the idea that a worthy cause would lose donations because of a scam like this.

“Thank you for this. My son is severe autistic and completly non-verbal how f*cking dare someone try and scam money for this cause!” one fan wrote in the comments. “Let me find out they anywhere near me, I don't play when it comes to scaming the special needs groups.”

“Child has autism it makes me feel ill people would use the condition to swindle people,” another fan wrote in the comments of Cardi’s post. “Unless you live it you don’t understand how horrific this is for every person fooled a real charity looses a donation 👌”

They have a point! If Cardi fans are actually willing to donate for a cause like autism research, then it’s unfortunate that their money is going to the wrong place instead of a charity.

Another fan took it upon themselves to warn other fans of the dangers of scams like this. They, too, brought up some very good points.

“Scams like this are everywhere! Ppl shld do research b4 they donate, b4 they give out personal info,b4 they register with a credit card,.. check google..ask google..ask right questions b4 u do anything.. u shld always be cautious b4 giving any credit or id info out!” the fan wrote.

And that’s genuinely good advice! Never donate without having all the information first, especially if a celebrity’s name is involved. At least Cardi had the mind to warn fans about the scam to begin with!