Cardi B Shared IG Stories Of Kulture & All Her Presents & I've Never Been So Jealous Of A Baby

by Chelsea Stewart
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did you get everything you wanted for the holidays? I'm just over here a little envious because I know someone who got everything they could dream of and then some: Kulture Cephus, the adorable five-month-old offspring of Cardi B and Offset. The "I Like It" crooner gave a first look at the gifts via social media on Christmas Eve and it looks like an absolute dream. From the jumbo gift bags to the massive gift boxes, Cardi B's Instagram Stories of Kulture on Christmas Eve show that her baby girl's first Christmas will be one for the books. (Hey Cardi, can you adopt me?)

I'm not kidding — there are so many gifts that Cardi B had to post several videos to her Instagram to capture them all. She started off the Dec. 24 posts by sharing a photo of what appears to be a living or dining room filled with white, red, and pink floral arrangements that spell out "CARDI [LOVES] K," which becomes increasingly obvious (although we already knew that) as the posts continue. The post cuts to a room with a grand Christmas tree and other holiday decor, which are almost buried under presents. Unfortunately, most of them are wrapped, so it's hard to tell what Kulture's gifts are yet. But the possibilities are pretty endless. Look:

Cardi B/Instagram
Cardi B/Instagram
Cardi B/Instagram
Cardi B/Instagram

It looks like Cardi at least gave us a close look at one gift, though: an embellished gold necklace that appears to say "Kulture," which she posted her daughter wearing early on Dec. 25. While the Invasion of Privacy hitmaker doesn't actually announce that it's a present, she wrote in the caption that she should've went to another jeweler, which seemingly indicates that it's a new necklace.

Cardi B/Instagram

I don't know about you, but I've never been this jealous of a five-month-old ever in life.

All jokes aside, though, Cardi has made it more than clear that she's all about her baby girl, so it seems only right that'd she'd go all out for her on the holidays. In October, Cardi expounded on this to People en Español, telling the outlet that she's willing to go all out for her daughter in order to stay close to her. She said:

I don’t want to miss nothing from my baby. I read that babies forget people so quick; I don’t want her to forget me. I don’t want her thinking that somebody else is her mom; I want her to love me as her mom.
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Her desire to have more time with her daughter even lead to her dropping out of Bruno Mars' 24k Magic Tour back in July, just weeks after she and Offset welcomed Kulture. She's seemingly gotten back into the swing of things since, as she's done multiple shows and performances around the country in the months since she gave birth, but you'd think it still has to be pretty hard whenever the Grammy-nominated rapper is away from home.

But at least Cardi is back home now, and they've got a ton of gifts to play with before she has to get back to the shmoney.