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Cardi B Called Out Haters Photoshopping Pics Of Her On Instagram With A Fiery Post

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

It's hard to differentiate between what's real and fake on the internet these days. In the age of Photoshop, filters, and other digital alteration techniques, everyone's putting their best face forward, and it's not always accurate. However, in Cardi B's case, she's having the opposite problem. Internet trolls are altering her pictures to make her look worse, and the rapper simply isn't having it. Cardi B’s Instagram post about Photoshopping called out her haters big time.

Although Cardi's post from Sunday, Sept. 6 is now deleted, fans caught wind of her message before it was taken down. In true Cardi fashion, she didn't hold back when slinging shade. The "WAP" rapper was especially unhappy with the edits from a recent paparazzi picture, and felt she looked like an entirely different person.

“It’s the fact that people try to photoshop my face and body to post on their platform so people can bash me and make me feel down on my appearance on purpose….and the fact this a paparazzi picture from months ago," she wrote. "That’s why I pray everyday and God keep blessing me triple in people face cause they done tried everything to bring me down from making rumours about me to now photoshopping me tryinh to make me go viral with a photoshop pic of a paparazzi pic from months ago …like when was the last time I had nose ring?” she questioned.

“And why the duck ya make me look like a middle eastern boy?" she continued. "WHAT DONT YA GET. Tryinh to bring me down and doing f**k s**t to me it’s only going to bring you lil pleasure and laughter for a day or 2 then ya going to get reminded AGAIN AND AGAIN that no matter what ya tried I still came on top!”

You can see screenshots of Cardi's deleted post below courtesy of Pop Crave.

Cardi closed out her post by pointing out other women are also part of the problem and need to do better. “The sad sh*t is that the people that be doing these rumors and be trying to make people bash me about my looks are WOMEN!" she said.

Shout out to Cardi for never being afraid to speak her mind. Many celebs face the scrutiny of online trolls, but Cardi wasn't afraid to combat the situation head-on.