Cardi B's Pricey B-Day Gift For Kulture Will Make You Wish You Were Kulture

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrities really go all out for their baby's first birthdays, don't they? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West basically made North's first birthday party a mini-Coachella (they named it #Kidchella), Kylie Jenner hired Baby Shark to perform at Stormi's first birthday bash, and Khloé Kardashian had a unicorn-themed party for True featuring an actual unicorn (OK, a pony dressed as a unicorn, but so what). Or maybe it's just the Kardashians? Either way, celebs are shameless when it comes to splurging on their kids. But whenever a celeb drops some major bucks on their baby's first birthday party, they are criticized because their baby won't even remember the party. Maybe that's why Cardi B chose to get her daughter, Kulture, something that she would be able to keep with her forever. But don't be mistaken, Cardi B's birthday gift for Kulture reportedly has one huge price tag that you honestly won't believe.

Just two weeks before Kulture celebrates her first birthday on July 10, Cardi B revealed the gift that she will give to Kulture through a video. In the video, you see someone's hand (maybe it's Cardi's or Offset's?) showing off one heck of a sparkly necklace. The piece of jewelry has an image of fours bears on it from the children's program Word Party, which according to Cardi B, is Kulture's favorite show. In the video, you can also hear the show's theme song playing in the background.

Cardi B captioned her Instagram post:

KULTURE new chain ❤️WORD PARTY its her fav ❤️Thanks @eliantte .....YOU KNOW A BAD B*TCH GON SPOIL HER.

She made sure to tag the person responsible for creating the necklace: celebrity jeweler Eliantte.

After Cardi B shared her birthday gift for Kulture on IG, fans commented under the post, marveling at how expensive the necklace seemed.

Some of the best comments included, "Pretty bling for a pretty baby," "Tell KULTURE let me borrow that real quick," "Baby dripping harder than I ever will already," and my favorite, "This actually go harder than most rappers chains."

And they have a point because, according to TMZ, Cardi B dropped some serious change on the necklace. Can you guess how much? $100,000. Yes, that's six zeroes!

Cardi B is also reportedly planning to spend over $400,000 on Kulture's birthday festivities, according to TMZ. I don't know if that includes the necklace, but either way, that is a lot of money.

Based on the video, the necklace seems kind of long and heavy, so I don't even think Kulture will be able to wear it until she's a little bit older. Hopefully, she'll still be into Word Party, because if not, well, there's no going back now. TMZ reports that the piece of jewelry is custom, so it was specially made for baby Kulture.

If this is how Cardi B is planning to celebrate Kulture's first birthday, I can't imagine how she'll celebrate when Kulture turns two. I guess fans will just have to wait and see how Cardi B tops this one.