Cardi B Did An Entire Interview Using ASMR, So Get Ready To Hear Her Whisper "OKURRR"

by Georgina Berbari
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Does the sound of someone whispering in your ear, or the soothing crackle of burning firewood, give you goosebumps and tingles throughout your entire body? What about Cardi B whispering into a mic and gently stroking her nails across a shag rug? OK fine, you've probably never thought about the latter situation (and if you have, I'm mildly concerned), but either way, all of the above examples can trigger a bodily response known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Whether you're a diehard fan of ASMR videos, or, quite frankly, have never heard of it, Cardi B's ASMR video interview will surely intrigue you because, I mean, how could it not?

Before I get into Cardi B whispering "OKURRR" into a mic, though, let's set things straight on what ASMR actually is. ASMR videos are essentially recordings of audio and video (though sometimes it's just audio) that are meant to simulate soothing visuals and/or sounds, and when you watch or listen to these clips, it can sometimes trigger a really satisfying, tingly sensation throughout your body. Some examples of things that can trigger ASMR include gentle whispers, long nails lightly tapping on a table, and turning pages in a book.

ASMR doesn't just feel good, though. According to a study published in the scientific journal PeerJ, ASMR may be able to provide "temporary relief to individuals with depression, stress and chronic pain." The research even likens ASMR to meditation and mindfulness in terms of how those tingly feels affect your mood and well-being.

Anyway, Cardi B has been pretty open in the past about how obsessed she is with ASMR. For instance, in January 2018, the 26-year-old artist tweeted, "I watch [ASMR videos] tooooooo much thoo .Like every hour." So, really, given her interest in the trend, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise to see that Cardi B sat down with W for an ASMR-inspired video interview. And, if you ask me, Cardi totally freaking nailed it.

During the interview, Cardi B covers a few different topics, including the success of her chart-topping song "Bodak Yellow," as well as what her life is like now that she's a mom — and, yes, the entire video is meant to provoke that coveted, soothing, autonomous sensory meridian response. In addition to softly whispering into two different mics during the interview — which, of course, included a few gentle "OKURRRs" from the artist — the singer-songwriter also stroked a shag rug with her long, manicured nails as she answered questions.

Combining both the visual and auditory aspects that ASMR is known for, Cardi B honestly seemed like a total natural in the video.

However, if you watched Cardi B's W interview and felt a little cringey rather than relaxed, don't sweat it. Not everyone can experience ASMR, and according to research published in the academic journal Social Neuroscience, when it comes to people who do experience the phenomenon, their brains may just be wired a little differently, and because of that, it allows the person to experience "the unique sensory-emotional experiences associated with ASMR," as per the study.

So, if you don't like ASMR or can't seem to get into it, that's totally OK. But if you're someone who can't get enough of it, Cardi B might just give you the incredible brain-gasm you've been craving.