Here’s What Cara Delevingne & Paris Jackson’s Body Language Reveals About Their Bond

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Lately, it seems that Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson have developed quite a close bond. While neither Delevingne nor Jackson have officially confirmed that they're a couple, rumors about their relationship have been swirling since they first appeared together publicly in May 2017. Even if the pair are just really close friends, they're so adorable that you can't help but wonder what Cara Delevingne & Paris Jackson’s body language might imply about their bond.

Delevingne and Jackson reportedly met at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, and they've seemingly been tight ever since. After they were spotted kissing outside a West Hollywood steakhouse on March 22, speculation of a romantic relationship between the two has been growing. Plus, the fact that they spent the holidays together jet-setting through Europe certainly makes a convincing case that Delevingne and Jackson are, more likely than not, a couple. While only time will tell where exactly they stand, pictures are, after all, worth a thousand words. I spoke with dating and etiquette expert April Masini, of Relationship Advice Forum, to better understand what might be going on between these two.

They're Definitely Close
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According to Masini, their body language at the Burberry Fashion Show certainly makes a convincing argument that there could be a romance between them. But the way that they relate to the camera suggests they have different outlooks when it comes to the paparazzi.

"Because of her background, growing up as the child of Michael Jackson, in the news for salacious reasons, for the most part, her relationship with the cameras is different than Cara’s, and she’s more connected to Cara in these photos," Masini tells Elite Daily. "Cara is more connected to the cameras."

This totally makes sense considering that Delevingne is a model and is probably pretty used to getting media attention, while Jackson might feel slightly less at ease.

"[Jackson] is not full towards the cameras, showing that the cameras are not her primary focus, [Delevingne] is," says Masini.

Their Cuddling Suggests There's A Romantic Connection
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As a pretty affectionate person myself, I think it's safe to say that I have platonically cuddled with most of my female friends. But something about the energy between these two seems like there could be romance in the air. Notice the affectionate way Delevingne re-positions Jackson's hair at the beginning of the video, while giggling sweetly.

"Cara and Paris seem very much a couple, trying to have some privacy as a couple," says Masini.

They Are Comfortable With PDA
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These two really do have some very adorable PDA going on in the video clip above. They look so comfortable with each other!

"It seems that Paris is pulling Cara in — by holding her tight, with both arms and hands, while Cara sits on her lap," says Masini. "While these photos [and videos] show both people looking elsewhere — and not at each other, they’re clearly a couple because their body language indicates their connection."

There Seems To Be A Couple-y Dynamic
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"Nibbling on a partner’s hat, while in a dominant position — Paris is squatting on the floor, while Cara is sitting slightly above her — is their way of communicating their relationship to each other and to onlookers," says Masini. "This physical configuration shows Cara’s dominance."

And while it might have been easier to dismiss this as an intimate bond between platonic friends, the rose that Jackson is holding and the way their bodies are positioned might point to a more romantic conclusion!

At this point, the specifics of what's going on between Delevingne and Jackson are still a bit murky. And although we would love to just assume these beauties are an item, it looks like we'll just have to wait and see, and hope for the best! Para Deleson? Caris Jackevingne? I'm ready for this.

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