Your Mom Can Be An Incredible Mom, But Also Your Best Friend In These 10 Ways

Even if you've never seen Mean Girls before, you know that some moms aren't just regular moms — they're "cool" moms. A cool mom is someone who is not just a guardian and parent, but a role model, confidante, and travel buddy all rolled into one. You love your mom endlessly, but can your mom be your best friend as well? As someone who considers her mom a BFF, I'll be the first to say, "Yeah!"

Each and every mother-daughter relationship is different. Some people might consider themselves a Rory and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls, while others are more of a Lane and Mrs. Kim vibe. These are both unique relationships, but with a Rory and Lorelai, there's a special bestie bond that cannot be denied. If you're wondering if you and your mom have this special connection, it's very easy to determine. You just have to check if your mom does any of these 10 things with you. If she does, you know instantly that you have the best friendship connection in there as well.

Honestly every day is the best time to spoil your bestie mom with all the love and attention. Always be thankful that your mom is your number one for life.

You Talk To Her All The Time

Your mom never has to ask you to call her. You're always texting or making phone calls to update her on everything going on in your life. You also miss her, and want to get the 411 on her days as well.

You Go To Your Mom For Advice
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When faced with a tough decision, some people might go to their friends, but not you. Sure, you likely ask your squad as well, but the ultimate voice of reason you listen to is your mom's. She has been dealing out the greatest advice since day one, so there's no need to stop anytime soon.

You Have A Few Of Her Things In Your Closet
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Just like true besties, you and your mom even share some clothes and accessories. I have a few of my mom's vintage Disney sweaters in my closet that I wear all the time. I'm super proud to show them off, and it just proves that we have similar taste.

Your Mom Can Pretty Much Read Your Mind
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Sometimes, it feels like your mom has hardcore superpowers. Of course, she's your role model, but it's times when she can read your mind and know exactly what you're thinking that prove she's the best. Only a BFF can make you believe in telepathy.

She's Your Biggest Fan
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Not only does Mom like everything you post on social media like a true bestie, but she's your biggest fan in general. She has supported all your dreams since day one, and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve them.

You Know She's Available Any Time Of The Day

A best friend needs to be available whenever you need them, whether it's through text or phone call. Your mom will always be there. In fact, she's probably your emergency contact.

There's No Judgement Between You Two

The reason why you feel so comfortable going to your mom for advice and talking to her about anything is that there's no judgement between you. She's been there through the good times, bad times, and everything in between. Through it all, she's loved you (and will always love you) even more.

She's Your Favorite Person To Travel With
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From family vacays to spending hours in the car on the way to Grandma's house, you and your mom have been traveling together for years. She's your favorite adventure buddy, and you always want to pick her first for any trip you're planning.

You Watch The Same TV Shows
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Some of your favorite nights are spent relaxing and watching TV with your mom. You both have watched The Office on Netflix so much that you quote it to each other all the time. You also might even share HBO passwords, so that you can watch Game of Thrones together while living long-distance.

You Always Have Fun When You're Together
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The number one perk of a best friend is all the fun you have together. You and your mom know how to have the best time. Whether you're going shopping, watching a movie, or just eating at your favorite restaurant, everything is really always better when you're together.