You can visit Joe Exotic's, the star of Netflix's 'Tiger King,' G.W. zoo

Here's What Happened To Joe Exotic's Zoo After 'Tiger King' Stopped Filming


If you haven't yet fallen into the world of Joseph Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic) and Carole Baskin, you're truly missing out on one of the most enthralling moments of pop culture in 2020. Tiger King, a docuseries which was released to Netflix on March 20, has officially taken over the internet, and if getting there isn't really a possibility for you, you might be wondering if you can visit Joe Exotic's G.W. Zoo after all that went down at it during the show. The answer is: Sort of.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for the end of Tiger King. Although Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years in federal prison after being charged with involvement in a murder-for-hire scheme and for more than a dozen wildlife violations, the controversial G.W. Zoo is still open for business, but not for long. If you've made it through the entire series, you know Jeff Lowe, Joe's former colleague, took over the zoo. In addition to renaming it the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, Lowe had plans to further separate it from its reputation from the Exotic era.

In 2018, Lowe announced he would be moving the zoo. According to the Oklahoman, building for the new location is currently underway. In addition to a new location, the business will apparently get another new name. The Oklahoma Zoo, as it will be called, will be located behind the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, and already has a large social media following for a place that has yet to officially open its gates.

According to the zoo's Instagram bio, the new location is currently set to open in the summer of 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic, as well as a discrepancy on the website claiming the new location would open in spring, it's unclear as to what the actual opening date will be.

Despite social distancing guidelines, the Great Wynnewood Animal Park's original location remained open until March 29, 2020. At the time, Lowe posted to Facebook saying due to increased crowd size, he was shutting the doors until a safe solution was determined.

Only time will tell whether Lowe's takeover of the zoo will have a better ending for everyone involved. For the sake of the animals, fans really hope it will.