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Can You Share Tweets On Instagram? There's Good News

If you're tired of the routine of taking a screenshot and cropping tweets to share your fave hot takes to Instagram, things might be looking up. Given the recent news of Twitter's Snapchat sharing feature, you might be wondering if you can share tweets on Instagram. Well, the news isn't as awesome as the global rollout of the Snapchat feature, but Twitter is set to test out a sharing feature for Instagram, and here's what to know about it.

On Thursday, Dec. 10, Twitter announced its new permanent sharing feature for Snapchat, which is available for iOS and rolling out soon for Android. The Snapchat feature makes it possible to share a tweet directly to the your Snapchat Story with just a few taps on the app. To accompany the game-changing news for Snapchat, Twitter will also soon be testing a tweet-sharing feature for Instagram, per the social media company. It's set to roll out "in the coming days," and the IG test feature will make it possible to tap the share button on a tweet and upload it directly from Twitter instead of taking a screenshot and switching between apps.

While the test feature is good news, the downside is, only a select number of iOS users will see it in their app. (As of publication, there's no news of an Android test.)

Courtesy of Twitter

For the lucky ones, the test feature for IG will work similarly to Snapchat. That means to use it on your Twitter app, you would tap the share button on a public tweet, search for the Instagram icon in the sharing menu, and select it to share a tweet. After that, your Instagram Stories camera will open, and you'll be able to share it from there along with some possible IG customizations, like filters and stickers.

In the meantime, if you're not in the test group, you'll have to keep taking screenshots, or just switch to using Snapchat for all your tweet-sharing needs. It's unclear if Twitter will make the in-app tweet sharing feature a permanent addition after the test phase. For now, though, you'll need to keep an eye on your Twitter to see if you're one of the lucky people getting the iOS test feature.