Can You See The Winter Solstice Occurring? Here's What You Should Know

Winter is coming, and if you are having a hard time believing that it's going to be getting colder, the winter solstice will bring you back to reality. The winter solstice will be occurring on Thursday, Dec. 21 this year, no matter how much you fuss or fight. But, can you see the winter solstice occurring when it is throwing the ultimate shade on our day and lives?

Well, let's first go over what the winter solstice actually is, aside from many people's coined doomsday beliefs. According to EarthSky, the winter solstice marks the time when the Earth, which doesn't orbit perfectly, is tilted at a certain degree on its axis. The Northern and the Southern Hemisphere have to swap receiving the most direct light from the sun. That's why, for the Northern Hemisphere, we will be receiving more dark hours on that day and the Southern Hemisphere will receive more light hours.

What a great way to remind us that winter is on her damn way. So, don't be surprised if you clock in and a few hours later, you feel like it's about dinner time or something. Yeah, it's going to screw some of us up big time.

Will you be able to see it?

First, the solstice is actually a moment, not necessarily an entire day. According to EarthSky, it's when the sun reaches the most distant southward point. As far as seeing the sun at its furthest point, it really depends on where you live. This year, the solstice is set to occur at 10:28 a.m. CST or 16:28 Universal Time on Dec. 21.

Since we all experience different time zones based on what state we live in, you will need to translate your time zone into Universal Time. During the lit hours of the day, you may want to be outside, so that you can see your noontime shadow. It'll be the longest one of the year.

In plain terms, the evidence of the winter solstice will be prevalent everywhere once it actually settles in. I mean, how could you not take notice to the sun disappearing all early and such? It's how we know when to get up and go to sleep. The winter solstice won't be as mesmerizing as the celestial events we have had in the past, but you will surely feel the difference for sure.

The winter solstice isn't all bad.

When it comes to the matters of the sky, they manipulate us physically, mentally and spiritually. There are many spiritual factors and gains that are involved in the winter solstice. Yeah, many of us aren't huge fans of winter, but how incredible is it that a day, felt by all of us, marks the beginning of it?

We're anticipating light, which can be an act of patience we need in other parts of our lives. There are also holidays that fall in winter, which means the day just marks the journey to rejoicing and spending time with family. The winter solstice is the gateway to the days leading up to the point of all of that gift wrapping and last-minute shopping you've been doing.

The darkest day may throw some of us off, but ultimately, it's sort of a miraculous occurrence. We are literally at the mercy of Mother Nature, and no matter how much we want to subtly complain about her practices, she always follows through for us in the end. Now, if you are super anti-anything that has to do with the dark, get those candles ready. Just remember that the light isn't far behind, and that "it's always darkest before the dawn."