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Can You See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your IG Story? Here's What We Know

If you're an Instagram fanatic like I am, you know that the popular photo sharing app offers a variety of analytics to its users. Users can see who has liked the posts on their timeline, who views their stories, and how many times their stories have been viewed in total. But, can you see how many times someone has viewed your Instagram Story? If you were hoping to get some insight on your friends' and followers' viewing habits (like that certain someon you've been crushing on), you may be out of luck.

Currently, there's no option for Instagram users to see if one person has viewed their Stories multiple times. As of publication, the Stories feature only collects the total number of views by counting each person as one view, regardless of how many times they've watched your Stories. This is great if you don't want to be caught rewatching your crush's Story over and over (and over) again, but bad if you're trying to figure out whether your crush also has a crush on you.

You can, however, see who has viewed your Instagram Story in general, even though you can't see the number of times they have viewed it or even when they viewed it. To check out the people looking at your Story, tap on your profile picture to access your most recent Stories, and swipe up. From there, you'll see all the names of people who have looked at the Story. Again, you won't see how many times individuals watched, but this is also where you can see answers to questions and polls on your Stories, if you're looking for some more insight from your followers.

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Another common question related to Instagram privacy is whether people know if you share their Instagram Story. There are a few answers to that question, and it all depends on how you share. There are thee different ways to share someone else's Instagram Story on your own Instagram Story or account. One, you can share an IG Story in which you've been tagged directly to your own Story. Two, you can screenshot their Story and post it to yours as an uploaded image from your camera roll. (If you do this, you should probably tag the orginal poster, as to no take credit for the post.) The other option is that you can share by directly sending it to someone else via Instagram Direct Message. Keep in mind that sharing a private account's Story means it will only be visible to your followers who also follow the account.

If you opt to do it the first way, where you share a Story that you're tagged in, the person who tagged you in their story will receive a notification that you've shared the image on yours. If you decide to do the second way, where you screenshot someone else's Story to post on yours, the person will not get a notification that you took a screenshot, but keep in mind that they'll likely come across it anyway if they follow you. If you want to share someone's Story with someone else you follow you can choose the third option and tap a little airplane icon on the bottom right side of the Story you want to share and Direct Message that Story to a friend.

Hopefully this answers some questions about Story privacy and the sharing capabilities, so you can live your best Instagram life.