Here's What Happens If You Get Caught Having Sex On Campus, So Be Extra Careful

by Korey Lane

College: a time of released inhibitions, newfound freedom, and discovering a love (read: dependency) on alcohol, junk food, and caffeine. It can be an amazing time for most people, partly because of all the reasons listed above, but also because college is like a bubble — a bubble full of sex and booze in which the normal rules of society (like showering or wearing actual clothes) don't apply. That being said, does the same apply for sex on campus? Mainly, can you get expelled for having sex on campus? It depends on your college's rules on the matter, but considering the fact that having sex in public is very much illegal, consequences are not only possible — they're likely.

Having sex in public is basically a kind of public indecency which can be described as "any type of sexual activity or sexual contact that occurs in a public place where indecent exposure is exposing the genitals or private parts of a person in a place where another person may see and be offended," Paul Cannon, a shareholder and trial attorney in Houston, Texas told Elite Daily.

Clearly, you can get in a lot of trouble for doing the deed in public, but is it the same for college campuses?

Well, it's complicated. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Research Society on Alcoholism, very few responses to the survey indicated that college officials reported underage drinking to actual authorities. It essentially proved that colleges don't necessarily turn in students who are caught drinking underage. But that's alcohol. What about sex? What about public indecency?

"Whether or not a person gets jail time or just a fine depends on the standard practice of the local jurisdiction, meaning it very much depends on location," Matt C. Pinsker, Esq. told Elite Daily. "Other factors considered for sentencing are criminal history of the defendant and if there are any aggravating factors (like the presence of children)."

So, will you get suspended, expelled, or punished if you're caught having sex on campus outside your dorm? For a clearer picture, I investigated.

It mostly depends on your college. For example, at Texas Tech University, public indecency is explicitly listed in the student code of conduct as something you absolutely can get in hot water for. They define it as:

"Engaging in private or sexual acts in a publicly viewable location, such that it is offensive to accepted standards of decency. Including, but not limited to exposing one’s genitals or private area(s), public urination, defecation, and/or public sex acts."

The Texas Tech Code of Conduct goes on to describe the process that will unfold if a student breaks the rules, which includes an investigation process that could result in expulsion.

Now, that's in Texas. Looking at another university's code of conduct shows that there aren't a lot of explicitly defined rules for sex on campus. In fact, at Syracuse University, the student code of conduct doesn't state anything about public sex.

Instead, the rulebook warns against "Disorderly conduct, including, but not limited to, public intoxication, lewd, indecent or obscene behavior, libel, slander, or illegal gambling." So maybe they're just not too concerned with public sex, although if you do get caught, the repercussions could be pretty bad. The code of conduct includes warnings, probations, and ultimately, expulsion as possible punishments.

So really, it looks like the key to having sex on campus is to be careful. As one reader told Elite Daily, being vigilant about where you do the deed will ensure you never get caught. "My ex and I used to find empty classrooms in academic buildings late at night to do our homework together. After studying for awhile, it usually led to sex. Janitors used to do rounds around 11 p.m., so we had to be on the lookout. But once, we had sex in a computer science classroom that only he and a handful of other students had the keys to (aka no janitors!) because there was all this very expensive computer equipment in it. It was great."

Basically, while it might be exciting to get it on in an empty classroom or abandoned stairwell on campus, it might be better to just schedule some sex time in your own dorm. Talk it out with your roommate and hopefully you can avoid getting caught...

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