Here's How You Can Change Your Font Size On Twitter

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unless you haven't been online in a week, you've probably noticed that Twitter changed its desktop layout. Whatever your opinion on the new layout, it's probably here to stay for the foreseeable future. So, you might as well get used to it and start customizing your own Twitter Feed for a more enjoyable time on the social media platform. The layout changes have impacted a lot of different parts of Twitter, but one question that has come up for people is: Can you change the font size on Twitter? If the size of the text feels a little wonky on your new layout, fear not, because there is such an easy solution.

To customize your font size on Twitter, first log in to your page, tap the three dots that say "More" on the left side of your screen right under where it says "Profile." Then tap "Display." This will take you to a small menu where you can tweak various visual elements of your Twitter, like the font size, display color, and background. To change the size of the font on your desktop, slide the "Font size" glider toward the left for smaller text and slide it to the right for larger lettering. As you slide, the font on your page will change so you can see a real-time example of your selection.


There are a few other features you can tweak as well. For starters, you can change of the color of some of the text, hashtags, and buttons across your Twitter from the classic Twitter blue to a mustard yellow, deep pink, violet, dark orange, or green. You can also change whether you want your Twitter background to be light, which it is by default, or go into a type of Dark Mode. The "Dim" setting will darken your Twitter background, which includes your feed and your backend, to a dark blue-ish gray color that's a little easier on your eyes than the light background. The "Lights Out" setting will completely black-out your background, perfect if you're scrolling at night or in a dark space.

Twitter rolled out its redesigned website on Monday, July 15, with a major makeover and a bunch of new features. On the newly designed website, Twitter has an Explore feature that lets users watch live videos and local happenings. Users can also now access Bookmarks, Lists, and a link to your Profile from the side navigation, making it easy to switch between those tabs as needed. If you run more than one Twitter account, it's also easy to seamlessly jump between the two accounts by using the left-side navigation. To set this up, click "More," select the plus symbol to the right of your picture, and add your additional accounts.

Although many Twitter users aren't thrilled about the new layout, there's no denying the new and customizable features Twitter offers with the redesign will help users create a social media experience that works for them, whether they like the layout or not. Thankfully, there is a lot of room for customization, so you can browse the site with the text size that works best for you. Happy scrolling!