Here's What You Need To Know About Twitter's New Look

by Daffany Chan
Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're like me and you thrive when you know the ins and outs of a routine, change can be hard. Whether I'm moving to a brand new city or settling into a new job, it's easy to get frustrated when trying to figure something out for the first time. It's only natural to get caught in nostalgia for the past comfort of knowing exactly what to do and where to do it. It wasn't surprising to hear, then, that people are asking: Why did Twitter change its layout? The popular social networking company began rolling out a redesigned site on Monday, July 15, and here's why it looks so different.

According to Wired, the website hadn't had a major makeover in seven years, so now the aesthetic and functional changes of are prompting serious questions from users. It's clear that Twitter's interface overhaul will affect the way users interact with the site, but why have changes been made after such a long period?

It turns out the idea to rebuild Twitter all started with the end goal to design a better experience for Twitter users. The updated desktop look for Twitter is now more in line with the mobile version of Twitter. So, if you admittedly spend way too much time on your phone checking those notifications, navigating the new site will be a breeze. In an email to Elite Daily, a Twitter spokesperson says, "The redesign came from us wanting to rebuild from the ground up to better fit the future of where we want Twitter to be: Faster, more personalized and consistent with all the ways people use Twitter — we didn't want people to have to relearn how to use Twitter any time they change their device."

There are many new features to get excited about, per the blog post announcement. One key update is that the Explore function found on Twitter's apps has been brought to the site. With Explore, you'll be able to catch more live video and local moments. Another update is that the side navigation now houses Bookmarks, Lists, and a link to your Profile so that you'll be able to seamlessly jump between tabs. You'll even be able to switch between accounts from the side navigation, so logging into your celeb fan accounts will no longer be a hassle. While there are so many new things to check out, my favorite feature has got to be the ability to personalize your layout with the Dark Mode themes the company recently rolled out. The themes, aptly named Dim and Lights Out, are just perfect for those nights in bed scrolling through meme accounts to no end.

These new updates are already quite comprehensive, but it looks like Twitter isn't stopping there. A Twitter spokesperson tells Elite Daily that the new site is much more simple for the company to innovate with. "Now with this rebuild, we have reset foundation to iterate, build and provide the features people need faster than before to have the best experience possible using Twitter," the spokesperson shared. It looks like Twitter has big goals in mind for the future — for now, I'll stick to focusing on getting the hang of these newly unveiled features. These changes aren't easy, but after learning the ropes, Twitter will be more effortless than ever.