Heluva Good!’s No Double Dip-Spinner Solves This Super Annoying Party Problem

Courtesy Of Heluva Good!

Nobody in their right mind likes a double dipper (I'm looking at you, George Costanza). Anyway, over the last several years, numerous inventions have been created to deter double dippers, and Heluva Good!'s is set to be a staple at your Super Bowl Sunday gathering. So, you may be wondering: Can you buy Heluva Good!'s No Double Dip Spinner? Well, the brand is giving away some Super Bowl prizes.

If double-dipping happens to be one of your major pet peeves, you aren't alone. In fact, according to Heluva Good!, 67 percent of Americans say they are bothered by the act of double dipping. A whopping 45 percent would go as far as to say it's disgusting. This type of reaction is exactly what inspired Heluva Good! to create their latest and greatest invention called the No Double Dip-Spinner, but, unfortunately, you won't find it on store shelves for your Super Bowl bash.

This ground-breaking culinary invention is complete with an actual motion detector, according to Heluva Good!. When you hold up your dipper of choice (whether it be a chip, a crudité, or even a chicken wing) under the dispenser, it will distribute your dip accordingly. You can control how much dip you want on each chip by changing the fixture to one of the three pre-set amounts. Bottom line: It's highly advanced, and I desperately want one. Watch it in action, below.

The No Double Dip-Spinner also wards off double dipping by cheering you on for forgoing the nasty habit. It'll yell, "Touchdown!" and other words of encouragement when you use it. Basically, it's the invention your Super Bowl Sunday seriously needs. And not to burst your bubble, but it sadly isn't available for purchase. *Cue sad music.*

The brand, however, will be giving away a ton of dip-related prizes to those who share their anxieties about double dipping on Instagram during the day of the big game on Sunday, Feb. 3. To enter, make sure to tag @heluvagooddips in your post to ensure they see it, and if you end up winning, please refrain from any double dipping. Prizes include anything from actual dip, to branded swag (last year it was a fanny pack!). The brand shared that the No Double Dip-Spinner isn't one of the prizes at this time, so fingers crossed for a future appearance of the dipping gadget!

George Costanza would be happy to have one.

LOL I'm sorry, that reference was inevitable.

Simiarly, popular cream cheese company, Philadelphia Dips, created a Double Diptector Bowl. The creation would alert you whenever someone double dipped a chip in your bowl. An alarm would sound, and it would send the owner of the bowl a picture of the offender. They're up for bid on eBay right now for a little over $1,000, if you're looking to spend a little extra cash.

Double dipping is straight-up atrocious, so having a dip dispenser would be a dream come true. Sadly, Heluva Good!'s isn't for sale, but if you're feeling particularly wealthy, definitely splurge on Philadelphia's. IMO it's totally worth it if you want to deter double dippers from committing a most heinous act this Super Bowl Sunday.