Camila Mendes Just Confirmed Her Relationship With Victor Houston In The Most Chill Way

by Candice Jalili
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Getting into a relationship in this day and age comes with about a million and one stages. All of those stages are made even more complicated when you're a celebrity. You see, for a normal person, you meet, go on a few dates, hook up, have the "exclusive" talk, and, boom! You're in a relationship. When you're a celebrity, you do all that plus you have to decide when you're ready to take your relationship public. For example, Camila Mendes confirmed her relationship with Victor Houston in an interview at BeautyCon L.A. this past weekend.

"I can confirm, sure, I don't care," she said, when a reporter asked her about the rumored relationship on the red carpet. "Sorry, guys." Could she be more DGAF about it? I don't think so.

But what does this big reveal mean about their relationship? Dr. Gary Brown is a prominent relationship therapist in Los Angeles and we asked him for his thoughts on the matter.

"She seemed very calm and self-assured in the interview. When celebrities openly celebrate a relationship, it is both the same and also different than for non-celebrities," explains Dr. Brown. "When a non-celebrity opens up about their relationship it means pretty much the same as when a celebrity makes the same announcement — they feel that their relationship is solid enough to share with others."

"However, it can be a very different experience when a celebrity comes out because they are now potentially subjecting themselves to a much higher level of public exposure — and this is why celebrities often wait awhile before publicly disclosing their relationship to the scrutiny of millions of their fans," he continues. "Knowing this risk, when a celebrity goes public it is clearly an indication that they are in a serious relationship."

Did you read that, people? Dr. Brown believes her big reveal is "an indication that they are in a serious relationship." But... I mean, are any of us surprised? The couple has not been shy about posting their relationship all over social media.

Rumors of their relationship first started swirling about earlier this summer, when the two made it Instagram official. Houston first started things off by posting an adorable b-day tribute to his bae with the caption, "Happy birthday beautiful."

I know what we're all thinking here: But he's not a celebrity! How did they meet?! Well, the story is actually pretty adorable. According to E! they go back way further than early this summer.

In fact, E! reports the Riverdale star was friends with her now boyfriend back in high school. The two reportedly attended neighboring schools in Florida and were friends in their teen years. Their current romance sprouted after they reconnected in New York years after their high school glory days.

Yay for true love!

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