Camila Cabello Said “I Love You” To Shawn Mendes In A Romantic Birthday Post

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (Shamila?) are back at it again with the PDA, and this time their affection is taking over social media. If you've been following these two, you probably know that rumors have been flying recently about their friendship possibly turning into a romantic relationship. Well, Camila Cabello's birthday post for Shawn Mendes is totally fueling those romance rumors based on how sweet it is and one specific thing Cabello says in her Instagram caption.

On Friday, Aug. 9, singer-songwriter Cabello posted a photo on Instagram for Mendes' 21st birthday. The post shows a polaroid image of Mendes playing with Cabello's hair (perhaps he's braiding it?) with the caption, "Happy birthday to this magic human, I love you!!!!" Though neither Cabello or Mendes has confirmed whether the pair is dating, Cabello's "I love you" feels pretty telling.

The birthday post wasn't Cabello's only Instagram post featuring Mendes in recent weeks. On July 11, the singer posted a super sensual photo from the her and Mendes' music video for their song "Señorita," showing the two about to kiss. She also posted a Instagram slideshow on June 22, two days after the release of the "Señorita" music video, thanking Mendes for his hard work on the music video. She wrote, "it’s a hell of a ride growing up together. thank you for always being being there for me and having my back." Mendes has also shared some sweet snaps with Cabello on his Instagram, like one he posted on June 21 featuring Shamila's V Magazine shoot and a still he posted from the "Señorita" video featuring a steamy moment from a motel bedroom.

But Cabello's birthday post for Mendes was by far the most affectionate one:

The "I love you" part of the caption seems pretty consistent with Cabello and Mendes' recent public outings. On Thursday, Aug. 8, a day before Cabello posted the photo, the pair was seen leaving Jack’s Wife Freda bistro in New York smiling and holding hands, per People. At the end of July, the two were photographed kissing in the water in Miami, Florida and were also seen holding hands and walking around the boardwalk, according to People. In early July, Cabello and Mendes were seen holding hands at brunch in Los Angeles, California, and they even spent the 4th of July together in West Hollywood, California.

If you're still not convinced that there could be something more than a friendship going on here, you definitely haven't seen the "Señorita" music video, where Cabello and Mendes play lovers and share some seriously steamy scenes dancing, kissing, and riding on a motorcycle. Even though the two are presumably playing characters in the music video, their chemistry is palpable, especially through all the intense eye contact in the video.

Obviously, Mendes and Cabello's dating life is totally their business, but with all these public displays of affection and steamy music videos, the people are getting desperate for some confirmation from the stars themselves. One thing's for sure, they can't avoid commenting on the relationship forever. Stay tuned.