Caitlyn's Birthday Post For Kylie Reportedly Had 1 Massive Mistake

by Jamie LeeLo
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images & Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh dear. Oh my. Caitlyn Jenner... what happened here? While the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan (plus the entire world) was ringing in Kylie Jenner's birthday, Caitlyn Jenner was busy building a photo series to wish her youngest daughter a happy birthday. Here's the thing, though: Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram for Kylie's 22nd birthday reportedly had one glaring mistake the public simply could not let slide. Instead of posting pictures of baby Kylie, according to screenshots captured of the now-deleted post, Caitlyn included at least one photo of a young Kendall Jenner. Like... just Kendall. As in, she might have confused her daughters.


In true Kardashian/Jenner form, Caitlyn appears to have tried to make a collage of her youngest daughter as a means to honor her impressive 22 years of life. The series allegedly included four pictures: one of a baby Kylie snoozing on her dad's shoulder, a picture of the two of them swimming in a pool, a photo of Kylie as a toddler touching her dad's hair, annnnd baby Kendall snuggled up on her dad's shoulder.

Caitlyn reportedly quickly took down the photos after catching the major mix up, but not before a few fans captured some screenshots.

Damn you, social media! Damn you!

One user posted the reported four original pictures and another just focused on the one featuring Kendall. Look, there's no denying all of the sisters share similar qualities, but still... is this an obvious mistake to you guys?

To make things even more bizarre, Caitlyn reportedly replaced the first photo series with a new set, this time, with two pictures featuring Kylie and Kendall. Some fans speculate it was to cover her bases, as in, she wanted to make sure she didn't make the same mistake twice.

At the time of publication, Caitlyn had two photos shared on Instagram with the caption: "Happy birthday @kyliejenner." The first picture shows a young Kendall and Kylie hanging out on a bike with a young Caitlyn and the second is a family portrait of Kendall, Kylie, Kris Jenner, and Caitlyn all standing over a birthday cake. (To be honest, it's unclear whose birthday cake it is in the photo. In theory, it could be anybody's.)

Fans couldn't just let this go and naturally weighed in in the comments. Caitlyn's followers wrote things like, "Ahhh pics with them both. Better not to risk it," "So you gonna act like we ain't see u mix up ur kid," and, "When u have to post both kids cuz u can’t tell who’s who."

Other people pointed out that Caitlyn's birthday post for her stepson-in-law, Kanye West, was a much longer, more thought-out birthday message. Where Kylie Jenner got a simple "happy birthday," West received a meaty paragraph. For his birthday, Caitlyn shared a photo of herself and the Sunday Service rapper with the caption:

Happy birthday to this incredible man. Not only is he an extremely talented artist, he is an amazing husband to Kim, and father to his children. I am so blessed to have you in my life, Kanye.

No way around it. It's all bizarre.

Happy birthday, anyway, Kylie! Your fans feel blessed to have you in their lives!