It’s So Easy To Get A Free Burger King Big King XL In January — Here’s How

Burger King

Burger King is cooking up a brand new sandwich that contains some of the biggest patties I've ever seen. Burger King's Big King XL Sandwich is a hefty, cheesy burger loaded up with all of the fixin's. To celebrate the launch of the new menu item, Burger King is offering free Big King XL Sandwiches to anyone who wants to try one. You in? OK, great. There are two ways to get a free Big King XL Sandwich from Burger King. Here's what you need to know.

Burger King's Big XL Sandwich is exactly that. The brand new sandwich from Burger King contains more than a half-pound of flame-grilled, 100 percent beef, according to the fast-food company. A slice of American cheese separates the two juicy patties. But just one slice of cheese wouldn't do this sandwich justice, which is why Burger King added a second slice of ooey-gooey American cheese to the top burger patty. Of course, a burger is more than just beef and cheese. The Big King XL Sandwich also comes topped with sliced onions, zesty pickle chips, crisp lettuce, and Burger King's special savory sauce. All of this is piled high between a toasted sesame bun roll for a giant (and delicious) bite.

Burger King

Phew. Not sure how you feel after reading that description, but my tummy is already rumbling with hunger after writing it. Luckily, you can enjoy Burger King's Big XL Sandwich for free. There are two ways you can get your complimentary burger.

The first way to get a free Big XL Sandwich is reserved just for those BK fans who live in Chicago. In a playful dig at McDonald's, Burger King will give away free Big XL Sandwiches to customers who bring in their expired MacCoins, according to Burger King. You might remember last August when McDonald's introduced the fast-food world to MacCoins. The golden coins were redeemable for free food at McDonald's, but the value of the coins expired on Dec. 31, 2018. For one day only, you can trade in your expired coins for a Big King XL Sandwich at select Burger King restaurants in Chicago. This particular promotion is only valid on Friday, Jan. 18. For comparison's sake, it's worth noting that Burger King says the Big King XL Sandwich has 175 percent more beef than the McDonald's Big Mac (with no third bun, either).

If you don't live in Chicago, don't fret because you can still get a free Big King XL Sandwich from Burger King. This deal is offered nationwide through the Grubhub app. The deal begins on Thursday, Jan. 17 and is valid through the end of the month, according to Burger King. No special code is needed to get your free Big King XL Sandwich. Although, you will need to spend at least $3 or more to get the burger for free. That's pretty easy to do at Burger King, though. Fries always compliment a burger, so I'd suggest ordering those, as well as a beverage, to complete your meal.

I know, a $3 minimum purchase still means you have to spend *some* money. But, it's really not so bad considering that Burger King is waiving the delivery fees on Grubhub for a limited time. Oh, and you can only get one free Big King XL Sandwich per Grubhub order, according to Burger King. This limited-time offer expires on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 11:59 p.m. while supplies last.

If you miss out on the freebies, you can order a Big King XL Sandwich for $5.59 at participating locations nationwide, according to Burger King. That's a pretty good price, given the size of this beastly burger. I think I know what I'll be having for lunch today.