You Could Score A Year's Supply Of Wings With Buffalo Wild Wings' March Madness Promo

YouTube/Buffalo Wild Wings

IMHO, there's nothing that's quite as much of a buzzkill during March Madness as making a big mistake on your bracket early on. If you still want to be a part of the fun and showcase your competitive streak during the rest of the season, Buffalo Wild Wings’ March Madness Pick-Em Game is here to serve up prizes that reward you for making correct picks on individual games and days. From game tickets to free wings for a year, these prizes are a total slam dunk, so here's how you can get in on the fun.

From now until the end of March Madness, you can enter to win from among the 500 different prizes that the restaurant chain is offering this year — whether or not you have a good bracket. According to press materials, potential wins include snagging two free tickets to a sporting game of your choice, all the free chicken wings you could want for a whole year, Blazin’ Rewards points to use towards free food and rewards, or even a plaque with your name on it at your local Buffalo Wild Wings.

The best part? Even if your bracket is ruined by an upset that you never saw coming, you can still get in on the fun as each round of games will bring new opportunities to win prizes. Per the press release, "In addition to winners based on tournament-long performance, prizes will be awarded for winning single days, rounds and even making correct single game picks."

To get in on Buffalo Wild Wings' Pick-Em Game, all you have to do is download the Blazin’ Rewards app, which is free and available to download for both iOS and Android devices, and start playing. Considering that a free year of wings from the restaurant chain as well as complimentary game tickets are up for grabs, there's really no reason not to try your luck and catch the latest match at your local Buffalo Wild Wings.

After you download the app, make your pick of the teams and the props that you think are due for a win each day of the tournament. Next, check-in at Buffalo Wild Wings, and be prepared to rake in all the goodies.

Perks start at 50 or 100 Blazin' Rewards Points depending on if you get one pick correct or complete all picks for the day. From there, overall top 10 winners will get a $100 BWW gift card, meaning that you can subsidize your March Madness spread for the near future.

Overall top 10 winners can expect $50 gift cards as well as a year's supply of wings and the chance to be "immortalized in a Plaque" at your local BWW. For a full list of prizes, I'd check out the details and rules of the game, but there's definitely a chance you could be winning a trip for two to a sporting event of your choice this year as well as a number of gift cards and rewards points. In the unlikely event that you pick a perfect bracket, you could win a custom-built sports bar, like your very own BWW.

When it comes to wings, there's actually a pretty good chance that you could be getting a 365-day supply. According to the rules, the overall top 10 winners, the person who gets all picks and props correct for the first day of the tournament, and the overall winner can all get in on a year's supply of crispy hot wings.

Again, you only have until April 8 to cast your name in the ring, so I'd head to your Buffalo Wild Wings this weekend and start playing. May the odds be in your favor.