BTS' V's Hair Evolution Is Such An Electrifying Journey

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V may be one of the youngest members of BTS, but he is also one of the most fashionable. He's got a knack for pulling off some killer ~lewks~ during photo shoots and stage performances. He's pretty much obsessed with Gucci everything — from shirts and jackets to phone cases and rings. And he def knows his way around a pair of statement earrings (he's got five piercings in his ears, after all!). But one of the things that fans love most about V's epic style is that he changes his hair almost as often as he changes clothes. BTS' V's hair evolution has been an amazing thing to watch. I mean, he's dyed his locks brown, red, silver, blue, blonde, apricot, and a cool pink/orange mix — you name it. And he legit rocked the hell out of every single ~lewk~.

But V doesn't just change the color of his 'do, y'all — he changes the style, too. His hair has been straight, wavy, tousled, and crimped. He's even rocked a mullet or two and somehow managed to make the usually dated look look all types of stunning. How one person can look so good in so many different hairstyles, I'll never know. But V's hair needs some proper respect, so let's take a look at some of his best styles through the years.

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