BTS Posted The Funniest Tweets For V's 24th Birthday That'll Make Your Day

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

While ARMYs await BTS' next musical era, fans were given the perfect gift in honor of V's 24th birthday on Monday, Dec. 30: Pictures and tributes from the boys of BTS. Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope posted epic tweets in honor of V and they'll instantly perk you up this Monday morning. From hilarious candid pics, to sweet messages, BTS' tweets for V's 24th birthday will make your day.

Singing and dancing aren't the only talents the boys have. BTS is known for their all-out tributes to each other whenever a member's birthday rolls around, so, obviously, it was no different when V's big day rolled around. As soon as the clock struck midnight in Korea on V's birthday, BTS began celebrating their winter bear.

Of course, V's bandmates weren't the only ones to share their love for him on social media. Fans flooded Twitter with their own reflections of what V means to them.

"Words are not enough to explain how much you mean to us You're an amazing artist. You inspire a lot of us in so many ways. Thank you for always loving us. Happy birthday Taehyung, we love you," one ARMY wrote. Another gushed: "Happy Birthday to one of the finest, most ethereal people I’ve ever seen. Taehyung, you’re gorgeous, inside and out, and your dedication is so pure and admirable. I purple you."

But as far as gushy tributes go, V's bandmates are giving ARMY a run for their money, starting with Jimin's picture-heavy post, which according to a translation by @btstranslation7, reads: "I sincerely wish you a happy birthday."

J-Hope reflected on V's beauty, writing, "Our WorldsMostHandsome Taehyungie, happy birthdaaaayyyyy," according to a translation.

RM shared four iconic pics of V. "Happy birthday, winter bear," the post read, according to the translation.

While Suga pointed out one of V's best qualities. "Taehyung-ah, who’s pretty funny these days, happy birthday," he wrote.

Jin compared V to a famous South Korean actor from Boys Over Flowers.

Over on BTS' official Facebook page, 20 photos were posted in an album titled "2019 V day," and each one was better than the last. Click through them here.

To finish things off, a GIF of V was posted to the band's Twitter account, and it perfectly summed up his sweet and silly personality.

While Jungkook has yet to post something on Twitter for V's special day, he's probably just saving the best for last. I can guarantee V felt the love on his 24th birthday with all the heartfelt birthday messages from his BTS brothers.