BTS' RM & Honne's "Crying Over You" Lyrics Will Have You Crying Over Their Beauty

Ken Ishii/Getty Images/Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Panorama

There's lots of great BTS news today, ARMY! The group's Mattel dolls were just revealed, and now, some of RM's solo work is getting an international release. BTS boys frequently explore solo music ventures. RM went on his own solo adventure when he teamed up with English electronic music duo Honne a while back on a track called "Crying Over You." The song also featured Chinese singer-songwriter Bibi Zhou, and at first it wasn't available on all streaming services. But now, Honne implied that the song is getting an international release, and BTS' RM and Honne's "Crying Over You" lyrics in the tweet announcement will definitely have you crying.

Honne tweeted on March 26 teasing the upcoming international release of "Crying Over You." The teaser was a screenshot of the iPhone notes app with some of RM's lyrics from his "Crying Over You" verse.

Here's what the lyrics in the tweet say:

Now I don't like a cliché, but I'm reading from the same book all over again / All different covers, all different colors / They're never the same but they always make me cry at the end / We thought we gave each other a whole world / But turns out that we didn't know such a thing / Guess life's like this / Sh*t happens / And we look for magic but good things always come to an end, an end ya know

The caption on the tweet read, "27.03.19," indicating that the song was going to be available on streaming services on Wednesday, March 27.

Here are the rest of the lyrics to the song:

You don’t mean to be a problem / You don’t mean to cause me pain / You don’t mean to do much but it’s one and the same / I don’t know where this came from / I thought we were plain sailing / This has taken me aback and it goes without saying
Yeah I’m gonna feel broken for a bit / Life’s gonna be a little bit shit / Ohh, for at least the next week / We had our flaws I’ll be the first to admit / And we both struggled to commit / Ohh, was it really that bleak?
And I don’t know why I’ve been crying over you / For the life of me, I wish that I knew / And I don’t know, just how much more I can go through / Man oh man I wish I knew, I’ve been crying over you
I don’t mean to be a problem / I don’t mean to cause you pain / Don’t wanna break it up but, there’s no other way / You’re not the only one who’s hurting / Or who’s finding this hard / But you gotta admit that we’re drifting apart
Look we’re gonna feel broken a bit / And it’s gonna be a little bit shit / But you’ll find the strength when you’re weak / You’ll find a love when you least expect it / It could be any minute / So don’t fight the tears on your cheek

This is when RM's verse above comes in to slay your entire life and then Honne and Bibi Zhou come back in with the chorus a few times. The effect is will give you chills!

The song won't be available on streaming services for a bit longer, but you can listen to it here on YouTube before you stream it on repeat to help boost RM's solo work.

Now, Honne's tweet is pretty vague. It seems as though the song is going to get a second widespread release on Wednesday, March 27, but it's not clear around what time that will happen. There's no doubt though that once the song is available for U.S. ARMYs to stream, that song is going to get a wholeeeee lot of streams. That's just what the BTS ARMY does. They support their boys, even if their boys' faces are now on dolls that don't entirely look like them. Get ready to stream, ARMY!