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BTS' "Make It Right" Remix Music Video With Lauv Will Make Everything Right

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I will never get over BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona album. It's filled with bop after bop after bop, and although it only has seven songs, it's a solid album. Each track showcases BTS' versatility, as Map of the Soul: Persona dives into genres like pop, rock, rap, ballad, and R&B. BTS' B-side track "Make It Right," which was co-written by RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Ed Sheeran, is a fan-favorite song on Map of the Soul: Persona. The song has been out since April 12, but fans won't be getting over it anytime soon because BTS just released a remix of the track featuring Lauv, as well as a music video. You need to check out BTS' "Make It Right" remix music video with Lauv ASAP.

It's hard to imagine that the BTS ARMY only learned about the collaboration a mere day before the remix's release. BTS and Lauv only gave a fans a few hours to prepare for this amazing collaboration. At approximately 6 p.m. EST on Oct. 16, Lauv tweeted a picture of himself and BTS with the caption, "did I finally #makeitright?" and BTS followed up with their own tweet, telling Lauv, "You always #makeitright."

Y'all, I'm loving this new friendship that's blossoming before my eyes. Check out BTS and Lauv's tweets below.

Big Hit Entertainment then confirmed the collaboration at 5 a.m. EST on Oct. 17 — exactly 24 hours before the song's release on Oct. 18.

Now that it's officially Oct. 18, the BTS ARMY has the "Make It Right" remix featuring Lauv and they've been bopping to it non-stop. Thankfully, most of the song is unchanged. The beat is the same and the second half is exactly like it is in the original. The only difference is the first verse and chorus, which has Lauv singing his own lyrics in English.

In case you haven't listened to the song yet (or just want to repeat it), you can listen to the "Make It Right" remix below.

Right? I love how BTS and Lauv kept most of the song the same. In addition to the remix, BTS also surprised fans with a music video for the "Make It Right" remix. The BTS ARMY will definitely get emotional over the video, as it seems to be dedicated to them. Throughout the video, you can see clips of fans at a BTS concert looking up at the BTS members, and you can also see BTS looking right back at their fans, which is so sweet.

Besides the concert clips, there's also an animation playing throughout the video that shows a story about a boy and a girl. According to a press release, this story was the motif of the original song.

You can watch the "Make It Right" remix music video below.

All in all, this is one heck of a cool remix and music video. BTS has collaborated with so many great artists these past few months, so I only have one question: Who's next?