These Lyrics From 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' Highlight BTS' Deep Connection With ARMYs

by Jamie LeeLo

OK BTS die-hards. Gather 'round. BTS' lyrics about ARMYs on Map Of The Soul: Persona are just for you. Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V just dropped their latest comeback album and it is ripe with fan-appreciation. The songs are awesome (duh), but the lyrics are really what take things to the next level. The gang has always been extremely vocal about how much they love and appreciate their followers, but hearing it in song is so much more meaningful, you guys! Get on board or get out!

The album dropped on Friday, April 12, to the sound of millions of screaming ARMYs. Not for nothing, this group has had one hell of a year. While 2018 brought K-pop culture into the mainstream in the U.S., BTS certainly spearheaded the charge. The seven-member group is oozing with so much talent, it's hard not to pay attention. Through it all, their fan base has kept them going, wishing them "congratulations!" on each step of their incredible journey while simultaneously crying out for more.

I've watched a handful of interviews with these guys and they are always, always sure to thank their fans no matter what the topic of conversation is. It feels like ARMY specific Map of the Soul: Persona lyrics have been a long time coming. In a press release given to Elite Daily, it was explicitly explained that the song "HOME" is about how "BTS finds refuge where their fans are." Obviously, "Boy With Luv" could relate to their fandom, too.

Here are some of my favorite ARMY-ish lyrics:

From "HOME":

I couldn’t even say hi because my heart fluttered like crazy / Yeah I’m going out baby / The entire world is my home

Yes! The entire world IS your home when you have your fans there!

I left home as if anything was possible when I opened that door, as if I would show them what I’ve got

BTS is always showing their ARMYs what they've got!

Oh yeah I did it, me shine with flashin’ lights Got lotta friends...

LOL. ARMYs are out here waving like, "We'll be your friends!"

Feel totally less / The world thinks we rule the world / Big house, big cars, big rings that we’ve wanted I got everything I wanted

BTS literally does rule ARMYs world, so this checks out.

And last but not least in this song...

I keep thinking about you at a crossroads / Who notice me when I was nothing / I could smile thinking about you / The place where you are

BTS is basically thanking ARMYs for believing in them when no one else did, and now look how far they've come!.

As for "Boy With Luv," ARMYs are claiming a few lyrics for themselves there, too.

From "Boy With Luv":

Everyone says that I used to be so little and now I became a hero

Hm, let's see... who thinks BTS is made up of heroes? Oh, that's right, ARMYs!

Love is nothing stronger / Than a moment, than a moment, luv / Love is nothing stronger / Than a boy with luv

Ok, while this last one might be a stretch, one could argue love is nothing stronger than what ARMYs feel for BTS!

The press release sent to Elite Daily confirmed this album will be the first after the conclusion of BTS' Love Yourself series last year, which makes it even more emotional. The release stated: "Map Of The Soul: Persona marks the beginning of a new chapter, eight months after the release of Love Yourself: Answer’ – the final in the band's storied Love Yourself series."

Of course, ARMYs are bathing in the new music on Twitter.

As usual, thank you, BTS, for the music, the shoutout, and all of those incredible dance moves. Keep the kick-ball-changes coming.