BTS' Jimin's nickname for TXT will give fans the feels.

Yeonjun Had The Cutest Reaction To Finding Out Jimin Calls TXT "Babies"

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You know someone has won over Jimin's friendship when he creates a cute nickname for them. For example, after meeting James Corden a few times, he finally dubbed him "Papa Mochi." If you thought that was good, wait until you hear BTS' Jimin's nickname for TXT. It perfectly describes their sibling-like relationship and Yeonjun totally approves.

Lately, Jimin has been doing a lot of VLIVEs for fans in order to stay connected during quarantine. He held his March 26 broadcast at Big Hit Entertainment's HQ, and, during one point, he brought up his label-mates, TXT. After looking around for some scrap paper to write down some movie recommendations, he thought the piece he found already belonged to members of TXT, so he decided to not use it.

"I think all of this belongs to the babies. There’s paper, but I think this is Yeonjun’s. I don’t think I can use this. I can’t tear this out, since it belongs to the babies," Jimin said according to a translation by Soompi.

The reason Jimin called TXT "babies" is because they're all younger than him. The youngest member, Hueningkai, is 17 years old, while the oldest member, Yeonjun, is 20 years old. Meanwhile, Jimin is 24. The BTS ARMY always jokes TXT are BTS' "younger brothers" and Jimin's nickname for them basically proves it.

Hear Jimin use the nickname below.

Not long after Jimin's stream, Yeonjun did a VLIVE of his own and gave his opinion on the nickname.

"Do the BTS members call you babies?" a fan asked Yeonjun.

"Jimin calls us babies sometimes," Yeonjun confirmed. "That’s quite affectionate. I’m the eldest member of our team, but I’m much younger than the BTS members, and I guess they think we’re adorable," he said, before revealing he's been seeing Jimin around a lot these past few days.

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"I’ve seen Jimin a lot recently at the studio. He was working on something, and he was using the studio that I use. I briefly went in to get my bag, and Jimin said, ‘Sorry, did you need to use this [space]?’ So I told him, ‘No, no, we were just practicing our choreography,'" Yeonjun recalled.

Now that Jimin's nickname for TXT has been revealed, I wonder if TXT has a cute nickname for BTS, too.