J-Hope From BTS May Have Dyed Half His Hair Blonde & ARMYs Are Quaking

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS members change their hair, like, often. Is it me or does the seven-member group really know how to pull off any shade. Lavender, gray, teal — no color is off the table. That's probably why one BTS member decided to take things up a notch. Taking V's lead following his own two-toned look, BTS' J-Hope's new half-blonde hair is such a head-turner.

J-Hope is no novice when it comes to hair dye. He, alone, has donned a number of different hair colors. Though, this dual-colored look is causing a stir on social media. J-Hope opted for a two-toned look that appears both edgy and kinda natural at the very same time. I know. Like, how? Well, many celebs that don dual-toned locks usually go for a stark contrast. BTS collaborator Nicki Minaj has done similar, wearing blonde and green in 2010 before showcasing combos blonde and pink, and blonde and turquoise in 2017.

J-Hope, on the other hand, has executed a look that's just as striking, yet very smooth. The split between light and dark in the same color just has a way about it. It looks like honey and milk chocolate. Clearly, fans on Twitter thought the same thing, tweeting delicious comparisons to his new do.

Like this fan, who tweeted, "Half and half someone STOP ME," alongside a picture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. They followed with another sweet and similar comparison. "Or Caramel macchiato Coffee enthusiasts where u at."

J-Hope seemed to officially unveil his new look on TikTok, with fans reposting it on Twitter. Many also noticed that J-Hope wasn't the only member sporting a different look.


"Omg! Omg! Omg! Yoongi’s hair! JK’s hair! But most importantly J-Hope’s HAIR!!!!" wrote another fan.

There is a slight chance this two-toned effect could be the cause of lighting, but on Sept. 21, Jimin shared a black-and-white photo of J-Hope that shows streaks of J-Hope's hair has been lightened, seemingly on one side.

In the end, we'll have to wait and see if this optical-illusion-like look is the real deal or a trick of the light!

This unveiling comes days after fans began theorizing J-Hope would appear on FOX's The Masked Singer. On Sept. 18, the show's Twitter account revealed some of the contestants that will be competing in the second season. One character, in particular, captured the attention of BTS fans: a contestant called "Egg Mask." P.S. The contestant is super cute and characterized by swanky all-white threads and a smiling egg-shaped mask.

Some BTS fans thought it could be Hoseok, but reconsidered when analyzing Egg Mask's build. Another fan proposed a very cool theory on how J-Hope was the musician behind the mask. They tweeted, "Wait!!!! Do y'all #BTSARMY remember when the boys cut a promo for @MaskedSingerFOX and they said that they wanted to be on the show. What if, it's just a what if people, @BTS_twt#JHOPE was in LA for the show. Just a thought. Not trying to get anyone's hopes up or anything."

Well, the show's Twitter account answered back, only to add more fuel to the theory fire. "Expect the unexpected," they wrote. Woah. So cool.

However, BTS has mentioned before if anyone was going to compete on The Masked Singer it would be RM, because he is the most fluent in English.

On the flip side, J-Hope could make a special guest appearance. It's been done before, with Ryan Reynolds appearing on the show in Korea. The Masked Singer returns to FOX on Wednesday, Sept 25 and trust, I'll be looking for Egg Mask in hopes of spotting a two-toned hairdo underneath the shell.