BTS' J-Hope's Hair Evolution Proves He Can Rock Any Style Whatsoever

It's time for me to talk about Mr. Jung Hoseok, otherwise known as J-Hope from BTS. J-Hope is like the king when it comes to rocking different hairstyles, so much so that the BTS ARMY gives him different nicknames whenever he's sporting different looks. Besides J-Hope, fans also call the BTS member Hoseok, Hobi, and Jay, which is so amazing. I mean, what other celebs can say they have four names? J-Hope isn't shy when it comes to expressing himself through fashion and that's just one of the reasons why the ARMY admires him. One of the ways J-Hope experiments with his appearance is through changing up his hair. BTS' J-Hope's hair evolution shows he's not afraid to experiment with bold looks and that he can always pull them off.

Out of all the BTS members, Jimin and V have probably changed up their hair colors the most. (I'm not kidding. They've probably gone through the whole rainbow and then some.) But that doesn't mean that the other members haven't changed their hair in different ways. Members like Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope have dyed their hair several times, too, but they've also styled their hair differently for every BTS era. Sometimes, you just have to pay attention to catch those details. BTS' J-Hope's hair evolution is one of my personal faves, so let's take a look back at all of J-Hope's different hairstyles.

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Entertainment — BTS' J-Hope's Hair Evolution Proves He Can Rock Any Style Whatsoever

June 2013: Jet Black Tousled Hair

When BTS debuted, J-Hope sported jet black hair with a tousled look. It definitely gave him that "bad boy" vibe, and whenever J-Hope wanted to take it up a notch, he would just cover his hair with a bandana.

August 2014: Honey Brown With Layers

BTS attended KCON in Los Angeles for the very first time in August 2014. Back then, J-Hope dyed his hair honey brown and styled his hair in layers.

October 2014: Dark Red & Smooth

The "War of Hormone" music video had the BTS members acting like schoolboys, so to give J-Hope that youthful look, he had his hair dyed a dark red.

December 2014: Dark Brown & Smooth

By the end of 2014, J-Hope returned to a darker hairstyle. He rocked dark brown hair with a smooth style.

October 2016: Orange & Parted

I bet you the BTS ARMY would probably rank Wings as one of BTS' best eras. I mean, just look at J-Hope's hair. It was orange and parted down the middle. There's just something about a little bit of exposed forehead that gives J-Hope a more mature look.

December 2016: Light Blonde

The orange hair didn't last long. By the end of 2016, J-Hope went light blonde, and boy, did he look good.

February 2017: Pink & Purple Ombre

For BTS' "Spring Day" music video, J-Hope styled his hair to have a pink and purple ombre color to it.

May 2017: Smooth Black Style

At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, J-Hope showed off a smooth black hairstyle, which matched the rest of the BTS members' brunette hair at the time.

September 2017: Bright Red

J-Hope surprised everyone, and I mean everyone, when he showed off bright red hair for BTS' "DNA" music video, which released in September 2017.

November 2017: Bright Red & Parted

Surprisingly, J-Hope kept his hair bright red for a few months, all the way until BTS' 2017 American Music Awards appearance. He rocked the look so well that non-fans who were curious to find out his name called him "the guy with the red hair." ICONIC.

March 2018: Brown & Wavy

March 2018 was all about J-Hope's mixtape, Hope World. For his "Daydream" music video, J-Hope crimped his hair to give it a wavy appearance.

April 2018: Brown & Curly

Oh my god, this was by far one of my fave looks on J-Hope. He should definitely style his hair in curls more often because he looks so good with that style.

May 2018: Black With Purple Clip-Ins

BTS' "Fake Love" era was so iconic. During this time, J-Hope had black hair and added some purple clip-ins as accessories to make his hair appear to have purple highlights. It was just another example of how J-Hope is never afraid to try new looks.

October 2018: Black & Natural

I think this was the fluffiest J-Hope's hair ever looked. It just looked so natural and so damn soft that it makes me wish I could just touch it once. I mean, just look at it!

November 2018: Dark Brown & Loose Curls

Do yourself a favor and click on the post above because you'll see that J-Hope's hairstylist really went in for the details on his hair. J-Hope had his hair styled to have loose curls and they looked so gorgeous on him.

December 2018: Dark Brown & Parted

At the end of 2018, J-Hope kept his hair dark brown, but this time, he exchanged the curls for a soft, natural hairstyle.

April 2019: Light Brown With Long Bangs

BTS made their first comeback of 2019 with Map of the Soul: Persona and their single "Boy With Luv." To kick off the new era, J-Hope changed his hair color to a light brown shade and rocked long bangs.

May 2019: Brown & Tousled

J-Hope went for the tousled look while on the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, and once again, he totally slayed it.

July 2019: Brown & Wet

There isn't a style that J-Hope can't pull off, including the "wet" look.

August 2019: Long & Wavy

Just like his BTS bandmate Jungkook, who has long hair right now, J-Hope seems to have let his hair grow, too. In this selfie, J-Hope looked so confident and cute at the same time and his hair just added to his fabulous appearance, didn't it?

August 2019: Covered With A Beanie

OK, is anyone else getting really suspicious of J-Hope? Lately, it seems that all his selfies include him wearing a beanie, which could mean he's hiding the next hair color and style ARMYs will be blessed with come comeback season.

J-Hope slays every hairstyle and color and it just makes me wonder what he has up his sleeve for BTS' next comeback, which fans think will be sometime in October. Will J-Hope surprise fans with a bright hair color again, or will he keep his hair a brunette shade? It could be really anything, so prepare yourselves, ARMY!