ARMYs Think BTS' J-Hope May Appear On 'Masked Singer' For This Reason

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Twitter/TheMaskedSinger

It's been a month since BTS' J-Hope was seen hopping a flight to L.A. in early August and fans still have no idea what he was up to during his short stay in the U.S. Because the BTS ARMY loves creating theories, they had a lot of different guesses as to why J-Hope would travel outside of Korea alone without the rest of his BTS members. Some popular theories were that J-Hope went to L.A. to work on his next mixtape or that he possibly collaborated with Becky G on a song and/or music video. Now some fans think J-Hope went to L.A. to appear on Fox's The Masked Singer. So, will BTS' J-Hope be on The Masked Singer?

What made some fans think J-Hope could appear on The Masked Singer? Well, on Sept. 18, the Twitter account for The Masked Singer revealed some of its contestants that will be featured in its second season. In one post, the account announced a contestant named "Egg Mask," and urged fans to guess who was underneath the mask. Some BTS fans commented J-Hope's name. I think it was something about the Egg Mask's happy attitude that reminded them of J-Hope, whose nickname is literally "sunshine."

The show's Twitter account even replied to some fans who believed that it could be J-Hope behind the mask. The account tweeted, "Expect the unexpected," which raised fans' suspicions even more.



But one fan on Twitter reminded everyone that when The Masked Singer first premiered in the U.S. last year, BTS filmed a promo video urging people to watch the show. In the promo video, the guys even expressed their interest in appearing on the show in the future.

The fan said, "Wait!!!! Do y'all #BTSARMY remember when the boys cut a promo for @MaskedSingerFOX and they said that they wanted to be on the show. What if, it's just a what if people, @BTS_twt#JHOPE was in LA for the show. Just a thought. Not trying to get anyone's hopes up or anything."

It's true. In the video, RM said, "It's really fun to guess who's under the mask, so please stay tuned for The Masked Singer and we want to be there someday, too." You can hear RM say it around the 5:00 mark in the video below.

So, will J-Hope actually appear on the show? Hmm, it's possible, but highly unlikely. I mean, J-Hope was only in L.A. for a few days, so I don't think he would have had enough time to film a season's worth of content in that short time, right? Considering he was only in L.A. for a very short time, it's seemingly possible he filmed a single segment for the show, but definitely not an entire season's worth of appearances.

Besides, in the promo video, BTS mentioned that if anyone were to go on the show, it would be RM because he is the only fluent English speaker in the group.

Even if J-Hope would make a guest appearance on The Masked Singer this season, it would probably be as a special guest. In 2018, Ryan Reynolds guest-starred on the Korean version of The Masked Singer for a single episode, so it's possible that J-Hope would do the same for the U.S. version. Check out that epic moment below:

Either way, I'll keep my eyes open for any more possible clues that J-Hope could be behind the Egg Mask!