Britney Spears’ Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Free-Spirited Partner

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Britney Spears is one of those celebrities who feels like they've just always been around, and yet they still somehow manage to retain an air of mystery. The new documentary Framing Britney was a real reminder that there's the woman the world sees, then there's the real Britney, and the two don't always have much in common. In short, it brought up as many questions as it answered about who the singer really is. Since she remains largely private, one way to get a little bit more insight about the artist may lie in what Britney Spears’ zodiac sign tells us about her — specifically when it comes to what she might be like as a partner.

Spears was born Dec. 2, 1981, under the sign of Sagittarius. Those familiar with this fire sign know that they're the true free spirit of the zodiac. They're ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets, and like that world Sagittarians are all about bigger, better, and more. They want more laughter, more adventure, and more opportunities to grow. They trust their instincts and follow wherever their hearts lead them. This makes them both very alluring and aspirational, but also hard to hold onto. With the right person they're the perfect partner, but for most they're remembered as the one who got away. Here's what else we can surmise about what Spears is like as a partner based on her astrological sign.

Optimistic and upbeat.

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Sagittarius is a born optimist. Perhaps it's Jupiter's association with luck, but they tend to see the bright side of life — even when things get dark. It's not that they don't ever get upset, or are unrealistic about situations, it's just that they bounce back quickly from darker moods. They prefer to smile, laugh, and just have fun, plus they don't believe in taking anything too seriously. They see the world as an opportunity for growth and excitement, so they look at dwelling on negativity as a waste of time. This means being around a Sag partner is a joy. They know how to keep you laughing and do their best to uplift those in their life. This can also mean that they aren't great about processing others' negative emotions. They'll sometimes insist others just shake it off, rather than engage.

Independent and freedom-loving.

Sagittarius is a free spirit who's very independent, so they require an equally autonomous partner. They want to have someone to share their adventures with but, at the same time, they don't take kindly to compromising and holding back if there's something they want to do, see, or experience. As a result, someone who either isn't ready to get on board with this or give them space to roam won't be in a relationship with Sag for long. Commitment doesn’t always come easy to this sign, but when they do give their heart to someone they do so passionately.

Honesty isn't an issue for Sagittarius.

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One of Saggitarius’ greatest strengths is how honest they are. If they're feeling or thinking something, you'll know. On the one hand, that's very admirable and creates a strong foundation for trust in a relationship. On the other, particularly for more sensitive folks (like, say, Cancer), all this honesty can feel like criticism. Sagittarius isn't unkind; they just don't sugar coat. In other words, if you're not sure you want complete honesty, don't ask Sag the question.

While looking at her zodiac sign can offer some insight, like almost everything with Spears it’s ultimately all just speculation. Only she and her long-time boyfriend (and all-around hottie) Sam Asghari know for sure — which is exactly how she seems to like it.