7 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Bringing Bae On Family Vacation

Legendary memories are made on family vacation. Your fam is truly one of a kind, and you might have gotten into all sorts of mischief with your siblings when you headed to the shore growing up. But your family doesn't expect you to remain a kid forever, so they might not be too surprised when you drop the idea of bringing your partner on family vacation.

You've thought long and hard about the idea. You love your family, but they're just that — yours. Among all of the quirkiness and ridiculousness, they're your fam, and you love them. Since your partner is just starting to get introduced to them, they may not comprehend the dynamics of your family from the get-go.

You'll want everyone to enjoy the vacation, and you'll also want to show your family this person who is genuinely making you happy. Your family might be a tad unpredictable at times, which is why all of the iconic family stories stem from everyone being together. All you want is smooth sailing, even if you've brought a plus one. It's a vacation, so wanting utter relaxation is understandable — and it might be one of the only times during the year you and your whole family get together. Before you're content on the sand with bae and the crew, you're going to toss around most if not all of these thoughts.

Is It Going To Be A Problem If We Share The Same Bed?

Your family — especially your parents — might not see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to bunking up with bae. Yeah, you guys may live together, and sleeping next to each other is second nature by now, but your parents don't witness that on the reg. You might need to sit down and give them "the talk" about how you're an adult now before you hit the road to vacation.

How Many Embarrassing Childhood Stories Could Bae Potentially Hear?

Obviously, your family has been around since before you can remember, and that means they have embarrassing stories to tell for days. Prepare yourself now, because once the cat is out of the bag, there's no turning back. Most likely, bae will find it adorable to hear about all of these moments that make you cringe.

Is Our Relationship Ready For This Step?

You've already decided that you are bringing bae on family vacation, but it's normal to revisit the idea of whether or not your relationship is really ready for this step. Ultimately, you'll know if the two of you are at the right level for the trip. It's vacation, so try not to sweat it too much.

Should We Make Our Own Arrangements To Get There?

Maybe your family usually rounds up in a large SUV and travels to the destination. Whatever your situation may be, you might want to arrange a way for you and bae to get there so you can have that small window of time with just the two of you. You can also utilize the alone time to prep them for your family the rest of the trip.

Can Bae Handle My Family In Vacay Mode?

Your family may normally be off the charts. Once you start adding in serene views, relaxation, and a few mojitos — there's no filter. You might wonder if bae is ready for your family when they're in this kind of setting. They may be used to experiencing your family in doses, and this would be a full-out affair.

What If We Get The "Where Do You See This Going" Speech?

Your love interest may be yours, but your family might drop their two cents in from time and time again. They'll love that you brought your SO with you, but at least one person may attempt to grill the two of you. There may not be a way to dodge it. Face the storm.

Is Bae Going To Feel Comfortable?

No one should feel uncomfortable during a vacation. You're definitely going to be checking in on bae more often than normal, because their comfort means the world to you. This might be the first time they've been with your family for a long stretch. You'll only know how comfortable bae is with your family if you get them around your family.

Your family vacations have filled you with some of the best memories. Bae tagging along shouldn't change any of that.