6 Valid Thoughts You'll Have Before Booking Your First Bae-cation With Your SO

by Ciara Johnson

Who doesn't dream of traveling the world with the love of their life one day? It's one thing to see the Eiffel Tower, and it's another thing to see it with the person you love. Traveling with your partner can be the perfect opportunity to experience new things together and get to know each other on a deeper level. It's no wonder why people swoon over those Instagram-famous couples who travel to the coolest places across the globe. They're practically living the dream! At the same time, we all know that spending 24/7 with your partner isn't always as dreamy as it seems. So, the question is, should you travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend? There are some valid thoughts you'll most likely have before you make this decision.

Traveling with another person can truly test your relationship. At one point or another, there's bound to be trouble in paradise. Let's just say that things start to get real! On the one hand, you can discover wonderful things about your partner that you never knew. On the other hand, you may learn things that you wish you never had to find out. It can basically make or break your relationship, so there are some things that'll go through your mind before committing to a bae-cation with your partner.

Are We Ready To Take This Step?

Flying across the world with someone is a huge step. Before booking a trip with your SO, you might want to consider how well you know each other and how well you’re willing to get to know each other in such a short period of time.

After spending 24/7 with another person, a lot of their habits that you've never noticed before may be revealed. You’ll see how they react outside their comfort zone and a completely different version of bae might be revealed. Are you ready for that? Consider testing the waters with a weekend trip before booking a month-long trip to another country.

Where Should We Go?

If you choose to travel together, the first step is deciding where you’ll go. Do you want to tan on the beach or check out the best museums in the city? Do you want to spend your trip relaxing or checking off every adventurous bucket list item? Choose your location based off what you want to do. Be real about what you want to get out of this trip in terms of your wanderlust and your relationship.

How Will We Balance Our Interests?

You’ll learn more about your partner’s interests during the trip, but you should probably discuss this a bit before leaving. What type of activities will you do? You’re individuals, but you’ll have to compromise on your wanderlust since you’re going as a pair.

Imagine this: You love to shop and really can’t pass up shopping on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, but your partner refuses to step foot into a store. How frustrating would that be? Create a rough itinerary beforehand based on both of your must-dos to make sure you can fit it all in. It’s a good idea to hammer out all expectations ahead of time so that neither of you are surprised or low-key mad when things don’t go your way.

How Will We Handle The Money Sitch?

You'll want to touch on this subject before you even think about booking a flight together. How will you handle money? Will you split costs evenly? Is this trip a gift to the other person? Is one person covering more costs than the other?

You’ll also need to honestly decide on a budget that works for both of your wallets. It doesn’t feel good to pay more than you planned for. Likewise, it sucks to stick to a budget when you want to splurge!

Should We Spend Some Solo Time Doing Our Own Thing?

Everyone needs time to themselves, even on vacation. You’re traveling together but there’s no need to be tied at the hip 24/7. In fact, you’ll probably enjoy your trip more without the pressure to do everything together. Be open to giving your partner the space they need without taking things personal.

How Will We Handle Any Crappy Situations?

Will one of you fall to the floor in tears when you miss your flight? Travel will test you as an individual, but problems are often amplified whenever you’re with another person. One negative mindset can make things way worse, so you'll need to play at your strengths. You’ll have to work together to manage both of your emotions with the situation at hand.

There's no doubt that most of us want to explore the world hand-in-hand, with the person we love. Be sure to keep these things in mind to make sure your #travelcouplegoals become reality.