Brian Baumgartner's 'The Office' podcast will be a must-listen for superfans of the show.

OMG, A New 'The Office' Podcast Is Coming & A Fan-Fave Cast Member Is Hosting It

by Dylan Kickham

Get ready to add a new show to your podcast queue, The Office fans, because Brian Baumgartner is launching a series that will be a must-listen for anyone who can't get enough of the workplace sitcom. Although The Office ended seven years ago, thanks to Netflix, the show is still relevant as ever, and Brian Baumgartner's The Office podcast promises to share even more behind-the-scenes secrets about how the show became a phenomenon. The new podcast will feature interviews with the cast and creative team, as well as a special chat with The Office superfan Billie Eilish.

An Oral History of The Office is the latest addition to a current boom in coverage of the workplace sitcom, which premiered on NBC in 2005. Earlier in 2020, writer Andy Greene released a published oral history of the show, and just months before that, The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey launched Office Ladies, a rewatch podcast centered on their former series. Baumgartner's podcast will be different, though. Instead of rewatching the whole series one episode at a time and providing commentary (like Fischer and Kinsey's weekly series), An Oral History of The Office will have a limited, 12-episode run and will tackle the larger scope of the show, from the U.S. adaptation's inception during a Starbucks meeting with Ricky Gervais to how the series has remained relevant to teenagers in 2020.

To cover everything that made The Office such a hit, Baumgartner will interview pretty much all of the show's cast, including Fischer, Kinsey, Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and Rainn Wilson. The two-minute podcast announcement on Spotify also teased interviews with showrunner Greg Daniels, as well as the original UK series' co-creator Stephen Merchant.

The podcast's big get, though, will be an interview with Billie Eilish, who may be one of the big contributing factors to The Office's unexpected popularity among Gen Z. Eilish has been very vocal about her passionate love of The Office, and she even sampled some lines from the series in her 2019 song "My Strange Addiction."

An Oral History of The Office will debut on Spotify on Tuesday, July 14.