This Rum Flavor Is Inspired By Your Fave Ice Cream & It Tastes Like Brownies & Cookies

Courtesy of BOM BOM

If you're like me, you always have a pint or two of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream sitting in your freezer. Featuring swirls of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chunks of fudge brownies, and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough, it's no wonder that it's the company's most beloved ice cream flavor — And now, you can get that chocolate and cookie dough-infused goodness in, *wait for it,* boozy sip form. BOM BOM's "Fully Baked" rum flavor is a vegan and gluten-free beverage that's inspired by your favorite ice cream flavor, and it's here to make your weekends so lit.

According to a Monday, March 18 press release, BOM BOM — which is a liqueur company that's focused on wellness and crafting dairy-free and vegan-friendly booze — is rolling out a flavor that's inspired by the flavors you love from your pint of Half Baked Ice cream. The Fully Baked Rum beverage combines premium Caribbean rum and hemp seed milk with brownie and cookie flavors, resulting in a sustainable and dangerously drinkable beverage that is about 14.2 percent ABV. Currently, it's available for purchase in 15 states as well as online, and the company will be bringing this drink to stores in Florida and California soon, per the press release.

"We want our company to always evolve and we never settle which is why Nilli Vanilli uses almond milk and Fully Baked uses hemp seed milk to get our creamy rich texture without using dairy," the company explained in the press release.

What's cool about this drink is that it's the very first alcoholic drink to be made with hemp seed milk, which is a dairy-free and nut-free alternative to regular milk. It's important to note hemp milk does not contain the chemical THC, which is found in marijuana, so no, you won't be feeling high when you partake in these sips.

Kevin Mowers and Eva Maria Janerus, the husband and wife team behind the sips, were inspired by their favorite ice cream flavor, which happens to be Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. "We decided to take Half Baked all the way to Fully Baked," they quipped about their decision to use hemp milk, per the press release.

According to the BOM BOM website, each 750 mL bottle doesn't include any artificial flavors or ingredients, and it's the perfect accompaniment to add some spice to your favorite cocktails or put a tropics-inspired twist on your traditional Bailey's coffee:

Inspired by Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream, let's just say we took this one all the way mixing in our premium Caribbean rum and hemp seed milk. It's a yummy not-so-sweet treat that's great on its own, but really stands out in creative cocktails and cool coffee creations.

With an ABV of 14.2 percent, you're consuming about as much alcohol as you'd get in wine, making it a totally acceptable (and delicious) alternative to drinking a few glasses of Chardonnay while Netflix-ing with your friends. Plus, with the beverage retailing at about $18.99 to $21.99, according to Drizly, it's pretty comparable price-wise as well.

Currently, BOM BOM's lineup of boozy sips is only sold in 15 states as well as various Canadian provinces, per its website. So to get your hands on it, I'd head over to Drizly if you want to order the Fully Baked flavor or one of the company's two other rum-based beverages online and have it delivered to your doorstep. It's a small price to pay for getting your Half Baked fix but in rum form, so count me in.