Don't Mind Me, Just Drooling Over BLACKPINK's Rosé's Best Outfits

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Ever since the K-Pop band BLACKPINK first debuted in 2016, they instantly became iconic. As a chart-topping, world record-breaking group, BLACKPINK has definitely become a near-overnight phenomena. But even if you don’t love K-Pop (though, I can’t relate), BLACKPINK's outfits are enough to make anyone — not just BLINKs — obsessed. But, maybe none so much as Rosé, née Roseanne Park. Rosé has had some of the most iconic outfits that you definitely won’t be able to get enough of.

BLACKPINK skyrocketed to viral fame over the past couple of years. Two of their music videos have broken Guinness World Records; they are the most-followed female group on Spotify and have collaborated with some of the biggest names in U.S. music. Pretty much everything the group does is met with immediate, overwhelming success.

While their music is decidedly amazing, BLACKPINK could also get pretty far on fashion alone. All four members have now been featured in major fashion campaigns – with Rosé now the global face of Saint Laurent. The 23-year-old’s style ranges from edgy to sleek to timeless, with plenty of variation in between. Whether you love her fits best in a music video or sitting front row at fashion week, Rosé’s fashion is always certifiably iconic. And the below look back at 10 of Rosé’s most iconic outfits will prove it.

The first look is, obviously, from the “How You Like That” music video. This music video broke three Guinness World records, including the Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 hours. Personally, I loved her look from the final dance break and her custom, modern hanbok from Danha. In classic Rosé fashion, she paired it with a super cute, black mini skirt. And her pastel, graphic top? Don’t even get me started.

If you’re a BLINK, this Rosé outfit, featured in a post on the group’s Instagram, is right up your alley. Not only is she wearing BLACKPINK’s own merch (power move), but Rosé’s black shorts with yellow plaid paneling give this outfit a pop of eccentricity. While the exact t-shirt she’s wearing is sold out, you can get a similar one on the group’s website.

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While Rosé clearly loves a little black dress, she really glammed it up for BLACKPINK’S Coachella performance in 2019. The dress was super glittery, catching every light. The ruffles, which were longer in the back, made her dancing shine even more.

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As a global ambassador to Saint Laurent, it’s only right that the New Zealand-born singer attends some of the brand’s shows. For Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week event, she rocked an absolutely timeless look, pairing a velvet blazer with an oversized white button-down and a pair of hot pants.

Although this look was only for promotional material, I cannot get enough of Rosé’s ruffled jean shorts in this pic. The ruffles boast a ton of different patterns all fluffed on top of each other. Her matching denim bra top is just the cherry on top.

Blast from the past: Rosé with darker hair. Although the Boombayah music video is overflowing with vibrant outfits, Rosé’s Beyond Kawaii mesh shirt really stands out. She paired it with jean cut-offs, a leather garter belt, and knee-high boots with graphic thigh-high socks. It’s a lot but never too much.

In a Billboard “How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates” video, Rosé wore a dusty pink, sheer tulle dress with a pair of black short-shorts underneath. It’s the kind of dress you’d imagine someone wearing as they run to their love at the climax of a romantic scene. Even better, it almost matches her hair.

In a glimpse of Rosé’s Saint Laurent campaign, the singer shared this photo of her rocking a gold metallic shirt and a see-through black tank top. Luckily with all the mirrors, you can see just how amazing she looks from a bunch of different angles.


Rosé’s cherry-red hair was otherworldly in the DDU-DU DDU-DU music video. And she was fully dripping in jewels, shrouded by a billowing white cape. She couldn’t have looked more like a goddess descending from the heavens if she tried.

It could not be a roundup of Rosé’s most iconic looks without including her iridescent pink two-piece from the “In Your Area” Tour. Even though I didn’t get to see it live, I can just imagine how she must have shone fluttering around in this ruffly piece.