Jennie From BLACKPINK Called Out Her IG Hackers & BLINKs Are Here For Her

JTBC PLUS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BLINKs are always trending something on social media, and this time, they're raising awareness about the importance of privacy. After seeing BLACKPINK's Jennie's Instagram about getting hacked, fans shared their frustrations over what happened online, asking why anyone would do that to her. Their tweets prove BLINKs always have her back, especially in difficult situations like this.

@JennieRubyJane, Jennie's public Instagram, is where the star posts about BLACKPINK's music releases, her solo endeavors, and her travels around the world. Meanwhile, her personal Instagram @lesyeuxdenini is her photography account where she shares a more intimate look at her life. Fans love seeing the snapshots because they reveal a different side of the singer, so when pictures suddenly stopped coming from the star one day, BLINKs were confused. Fans wondered whether Jennie took a break from the account or if she was possibly hacked.

On Monday, Nov. 30, Jennie revealed fans' suspicions were true. "Took almost 2 months to get this acc back. Please leave my personal space alone," she wrote on her @lesyeuxdenini IG Story.

Since the comments section on the account had been disabled, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation. BLINKs were understandably angry at the hackers who caused Jennie so much trouble. They trended phrases like "#RESPECTJENNIE," "Leave Jennie Alone," and "We Love You, Jennie," to show support for the star.


They also brought attention to the importance of boundaries and how celebrities deserve privacy just as much as anyone else.

"Why does she have to go through this?? Why does she have to please everyone for her privacy?? This is so heartbreaking. Please respect her and leave her alone. LEAVE JENNIE ALONE," a fan wrote.

"Invading someone's privacy is never okay. Know your limits," another fan tweeted.

Most of all, BLINKs just wanted to let Jennie know they will always be by her side. "If you can't love her, don't hate her. Just leave her alone. She done nothing to you. Please respect her as a human too! Jennie, you deserve world. Please know that many people love you. You are loved Jennie Kim," a fan tweeted.

See what other BLINKs are saying below.

Fans are happy to see Jennie take control of her account again and hope nothing like this ever happens again.