This Peeps-Topped Cherry Shake Has All The Flavors Of Spring In 1 Sip

Courtesy of Black Tap

Easter is just right around the corner, which means I'm using these last few days to load up on all the festive bites and sips before they're all gone. It's hard to pick a favorite, but if you're a fan of Peeps, you'll want to check out Black Tap’s Cherry Peeps Shake for Easter 2019 for a beverage that brings the flavors of spring together in one delicious sip. The result is almost too pretty to eat (the key word being "almost"), so make sure to snap a shot for the 'Gram before digging in.

People have pretty strong opinions about their favorite Easter candies and the ones they'd pass on, but I think it's safe to say that Peeps are one of the most iconic options in the game. The brightly-colored sweets have been around since 1953, and on average, 5.5 million Peeps are produced daily, which translates to approximately 2 billion Peeps in circulation per year. I'm just saying, that's a whole lot of pink and yellow chicks and bunnies.

While super fans can technically get the seasonal marshmallow candies year round now, thanks to the introduction of Peeps Minis back in 2014, I tend to stick to grabbing a box or two during Easter season. And this weekend, you can get your Peeps fix handled alongside a slew of other tasty flavors with a specialty shake from Black Tap. From the sounds of things, it's the perfect antidote to your sweet tooth, and you definitely need this bad boy in your Easter weekend plans.

Courtesy of Black Tap

From Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21, customers can head over to their nearest Black Tap location for a taste of the restaurant's Peeps Shake, according to press materials. While there's been no shortage of Peeps-inspired food and drinks on the market, I'm definitely liking the addition of cherry flavoring and Easter sprinkles for a fun twist.

Per press materials, you can expect a "whimsical cherry shake which features a vanilla frosted rim coated with Easter M&Ms and topped with three iconic Yellow Peeps Chicks, whipped cream, Easter sprinkles and a cherry on top!" when you order one of these limited-edition shakes.

TBH, this might be one of the most photogenic offerings I've seen yet this year, so you'll want to grab a photo before you scarf this down. If you haven't been to Black Tap yet, it's a fun take on a classic NYC burger joint with some of the most inventive shakes I've seen yet. From Fruity Pebble shakes to one topped with a funfetti cake slice, Black Tap has no shortage of sweet accompaniments to your craft burger, so I'd definitely check those out while you're there.

Per press materials, Black Tap's specialty Easter shake will be retailing for $17 (about $2 more than the chain's crazy shake selection), and it will be available at all three New York City locations, as well as their storefronts in Las Vegas and Singapore. Again, this 'Gram-worthy creation is only available this weekend, so I'd make sure to stop by and maybe sample some of their other offerings while you're at it.