Billy Porter's Mechanical Hat At The Grammys Is Something You Have To See To Believe

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It would not be a proper Hollywood event if Billy Porter didn't absolutely slay the red carpet. So of course, upon arrival, the 62nd annual Grammy Awards quickly became the Billy Porter Show, thanks (in large part) to the fact that Billy Porter's 2020 Grammys outfit boasted a teal, sparkly, jumpsuit, over 70,000 crystals, and a mechanical top hat. Yes, a mechanical hat. As in, it had a remote control that retracted the crystal fringe veil on demand.

Because there's so much to take in when it comes to Porter's Grammys look, lets start at the top (pun intended). According to, Porter's stylist Sam Ratelle worked with Baja East's creative director Scott Studenberg to create the hat (along with the rest of the look). The bedazzled hat featured the crystal fringe, which can be mechanically moved to either hide or reveal Porter's face to the red carpet. Once Porter's face was revealed through the fringe, so was his bright blue liquid eyeshadow and silver lipstick.

Moving on down the look, Porter rocked a silver Alexis Bittar crystal choker, an open-front, sparkly beaded cropped jacket, and matching jumpsuit. But not just any jumpsuit — Porter's jumpsuit boasted large crystals on the legs that turned into even more crystal fringe from the knee to the ankles of the pants. Going for a litlle more hi-res shine, Porter added two Alexis Bittar bracelets: a large silver and blue spider cuff and a bedazzled tennis bracelet.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And yes, there's still more accessories to talk about. The singer set off the over-the-top look with a matching silver fringe clutch and sparkly platform boots.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that Porter makes a fashion statement on every red carpet he steps on, and Ratelle deserves a lot of that credit, too. Ratelle told Vanity Fair they've worked on an estimated 150 looks together, and with such a large portfolio of unbelievable outfits, it'd be easy to assume they feel the pressure to make sure each new look "tops" the previous one. However, that's not the case. “We do this for fun," Porter told Vanity Fair. "The minute that it's not fun is the minute I stop doing it. It's not about topping, it's not about pressure, it's not about any of that.”

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I guess when you have as much fun with fashion as Porter seems to, it's easy to come up with looks that consistently slay, entertain, and spark joy. I don't think I'm alone in saying I can't wait to see what red carpet look Porter and Ratelle come up with next.