Billie Lourd's Mother's Day post for 2021 expressed her complicated feelings as a new mom, while sti...

Billie Lourd Shared Her Complex Feelings On Her First Mother's Day As A Mom

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although Mother's Day is a great time to celebrate the mothers and maternal figures who have shaped our lives, that doesn't mean the holiday is warm and fuzzy for everyone. Especially for people who have lost moms, it can be a day full of all kinds of emotions. Just ask new mother Billie Lourd, whose Mother's Day 2021 Instagram post gets into her complex feelings.

Lourd welcomed her first child, a son named Kingston, last September. While experiencing her first Mother's Day as a mom herself is something to celebrate, the actor also shared that the day is a reminder of the recent loss of her own mom and grandma. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died suddenly within a day of one another in December 2016. In her post this year, Lourd wasn't afraid to get into her complex feelings about Mother's Day as a mix of both happiness and grief.

On Sunday, May 9, Lourd commemorated the holiday in an Instagram post containing two photos: The first is a black-and-white maternity photo from when she was pregnant with Kingston, and the second is a sweet throwback photo of Fisher when she was pregnant with Lourd.

"I've dreamed of having a baby since I was a baby myself," Lourd captioned her post. "And the reality of becoming a mom is infinitely dreamier than any dream I could have ever had. But the Mother's Day still isn't solely the classic hallmark 'happy' - but unlike this picture, Mother's Day doesn't have to be black and white. It can be all the things."

She concluded: "Happy Mother's Day but also sad/grief-y (petition to make that a real word!) / angry / frustrated / lonely / ET f*ckin C Mother's day! Sending my love to everyone out there who needs it."

It's heartening to see Lourd use her platform to both be open about her own complicated Mother's Day thoughts and to send love to others who might be feeling the same way. The 28-year-old also regularly pays tribute to her mom and grandmother on social media, most recently through a sweet "May the 4th" post.

To celebrate Fisher's iconic role in Star Wars, Lourd shared a photo of baby Kingston watching Star Wars: A New Hope while wearing a Princess Leia space buns hat. Lourd comes from an iconic Hollywood family, and it's clear she's already honoring that deeply personal legacy with her son.